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The start of a relationship is a good time to discuss how you might share finances

Getting to know each other financially

Steps to guide you both as you define your priorities and start to plan for the future.

Discussing how to share finances

We're here to help you talk to your partner about how you’ll handle finances as a team.

Planning further ahead

With the foundations in place, it's time to discuss what you'll need for your future plans.

Getting to know each other financially

Moving in together, getting married or ‘de facto’? Here's what you need to consider

Before you join finances

Here you'll find some practical considerations to discuss with your partner before you join finances.

Your financial language

People use money in different ways. At the start of a relationship, it’s wise to take time to learn how each of you approaches personal finances.

Setting shared goals

There’s no way around it: life costs money. You need to discuss the goals you share now so you can ensure you’ll have the funds to achieve them later.

Sharing finances

Resources to help you decide what to share and keep separate

To share or not to share?

Not every couple keeps joint finances. What's important is that you find a method that works for you both and keeps everyone happy.

Sharing property

If one or both of you already have property, handling things correctly at the start of a relationship can help you avoid your assets becoming a point of contention later.

Living together

Moving in with a loved one brings with it an opportunity to discuss how your relationship could evolve living under the same roof.

Planning further ahead

Now's the time to start thinking long term

Keeping financially fit

It’s healthy for couples to review their finances at regular intervals as they work to achieve their goals. It also helps to have the right professional support team in place.

Family loans, insurance and trusts

In a long term relationship, it’s wise to discuss early on what financial considerations such as family loans, insurance and trusts could mean for both of you.

Updating your details

Your change in relationship status is a valuable detail in your personal history, so it’s important to inform key organisations of your new details.

Links and resources

Access dedicated guides, checklists and tools

Download the Commitment Support guide (PDF 690KB) - A comprehensive guide designed to help you through financial considerations of a new relationship.

You can also access our budget planner tool online.


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