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Eligibility criteria

By entering your organisation’s ABN into the ABN Lookup tool on the Australian Business Register you will be able to determine if your organisation has DGR Item 1 status.

Yes, you may be auspiced by another organisation with DGR Item 1 status, however they must agree in writing to the terms and conditions that we have set out in the auspicing (DOC 48KB) template included in the application form. You will be required to attach a signed copy of the auspicing agreement to your application, together with a recent copy of the auspicing organisation’s bank statement.  

No, we invite all community organisations that meet the eligibility criteria to apply for a grant. 

Yes, if your organisation operates in multiple States or Territories, you may wish to make a separate grant application for each State or Territory.  

Yes, even if your organisation has previously received grant funding from Westpac Foundation you may apply for a grant as long as you meet the eligibility criteria.

Yes, even if your organisation has previously applied for grant funding from Westpac Foundation you may apply for a grant as long as you meet the eligibility criteria.

Your organisation needs to be actively supporting individuals in one or more of our target groups:

  • Indigenous Australians
  • Refugees & asylum seekers
  • Women at risk
  • Youth at risk
  • People who are homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • People who've experienced family or domestic violence
  • People living with a disability (including carers)
  • People living with a mental health issue (including carers)

We are focussed on supporting organisations working with individuals in these target groups because as a cohort, they are often some of the most socially and economically disadvantaged members of the Australian community.

We don’t provide grant funding for the following:

  • Animal welfare
  • Rescue services
  • Medical research
  • Programs promoting religion
  • Charity works outside of Australia
  • Sponsorship or fundraising activities
  • Capital projects, major equipment and refurbishments

Our Community Grants program aims to help create fairer, more inclusive communities across Australia. As such, we support community organisations that provide education opportunities, employment pathways and/or improvements in the quality of life of fellow Australians (in our target groups) experiencing disadvantage. If your organisation is seeking funding for programs or activities on our exclusion list, you may wish to visit for alternative sources of funding that may be available to you.

No, we are seeking to support organisations strengthening Australian communities and helping people in need in Australia.

We acknowledge the valuable contribution that not-for-profit and community organisations of all sizes make to the Australian community, however through our Community Grants program we are seeking to support smaller community organisations that often have a considerable reliance on grants and fundraising in order to continue their activities. 




Application process

  1. Provide your organisation’s details including: organisation name, ABN, address, website, year organisation was established, contact person, bank account details, gross annual revenue for last financial year (ended 30/06/2016 or 31/12/2016) as lodged with ACNC or another relevant regulatory body.
  2. Are you applying under the auspices of another organisation?  If yes, you will need to provide the aupicing organisation’s: name, ABN, address and website. Auspice agreement template (DOC 48KB) must also be completed and attached to the application.
  3. Please select your organisation’s primary target group:
    • Indigenous Australians
    • Refugees & asylum seekers
    • Women at risk
    • Youth at risk (>12 years of age)
    • Homeless populations
    • People who have experienced family &/or domestic violence
    • People living with a disability (including carers)
    • People living with a mental health issue (including carers)
  4. Where are your programs or services primarily delivered (select State / Territory)? Does your organisation operate in other States or Territories? Please enter the postcode for where your organisation is providing (or will provide) programs or services to your primary target group, if you receive a grant. Does your organisation operate in another state or territory? If your program or services are delivered at a set location, please provide street address.
  5. Your elevator pitch: Please describe what your organisation is achieving, who it supports and what programs and services it provides, by completing this sentence: “We exist to {describe the outcome} for {target group(s)} in {geographical location} by {describe program / service / support}Maximum word count: 250
  6. Need for the grant: What area of need will your grant be used to address for people in your nominated target group. Please choose the option that best describes the majority of your programs or services:
    • Accessing education opportunities
    • Creating employment pathways
    • Improvement in quality of life
  7. Please describe why your organisation needs a grant and what impact and benefits it will achieve, by completing the    following sentence: “We need the grant for {describe what you will spend the grants fund on} which will help us to overcome / achieve {describe what the expected impact and benefits will be}Maximum word count 250
  8. How many individuals in the target group you nominated in Question 3 does your organisation currently support?
  9. How many new individuals in that target group will your organisation support as a result of this grant?
  10. Has your organisation received a grant from Westpac Foundation before?
  11. Please attach your organisation’s logo and a photo that best represents what your organisation does. (Maximum 2MB each)
  12. Support by a Westpac Group employee. If your application is supported by a Westpac Group employee please provide their details including: name, email address and nature of relationship with your organisation.
  13. How did you hear about Community Grants?

As part of your application you will be required to provide the following:

  • A photo and logo representing your organisation
  • A recent copy of your organisation’s bank statement. This is required to enable us to verify your organisation’s bank account details should your organisation be successful in receiving a grant.
  • A completed auspicing agreement template (if applicable)

Please provide the primary postcode where your organisation is delivering programs or services to individuals in our target groups, pursuant to this grant request.

You will need to provide your organisation’s annual gross revenue. Please use the figure in your financial statements lodged with the ACNC or other relevant regulatory body for the last financial year.

We require all applicants to attach a recent bank account statement (first page of bank statement) to allow us to verify your organisation’s bank account details. This is a requirement of our internal risk management processes, and helps ensure that grant funds are paid to the correct bank account.  You may wish to mask the account balances and transaction information.  

Westpac Group will have a very large number of organisations to consider voting for, so a good elevator pitch will help to succinctly explain what your organisation does and why. Here’s a good example:


We exist to eliminate social isolation and smash the stigma attached to mental illness in the areas of South Western Sydney. Our mission is to empower people, build social inclusion and provide pathways to sustainable livelihoods through growing, making and selling food.


This example is good because it is short, to the point and tells us exactly who the organisation helps and how they plan to do it.

Upon submitting your application you will receive an acknowledgement email from Westpac Foundation confirming that your application has been received. This email will include your application number along with a copy of your application.

Applications close at 5pm AEST on Friday 9 June 2017.


'Support' from Westpac Group employees

No, if your organisation meets our eligibility criteria you can apply for a Community Grant even if you don’t have a Westpac Group employee ‘supporting’ your application. However, if you would like to speak to a Westpac employee about your organisation’s impact in the local community, please visit your local Westpac branch.



Find out more about auspice agreements.

No. To be eligible, your organisation needs to have annual gross revenue of <$5 million. The annual gross revenue of the auspicing organisation is not relevant to our eligibility criteria. 


Grant amount


Grant selection process

On 18 September 2017, all grant recipients will receive notification of the outcome of their grant application.

Unfortunately Westpac Foundation is unable to provide individual feedback due to the high volume of applications that we receive.


Grant payments


Grant acquittal and reporting



If you need help with your grant application please email or call us on 1300 851 357 (8am - 8pm, 7 days a week). Please leave a message with your contact details and we will call you back as soon as possible.