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Business customers' disclosure documents

This page contains links to Westpac's disclosure documents for business customers.

How to obtain a PDS or FSG

This page provides you with electronic access to the PDSs for financial products and services that are identified on this website and that are issued by Westpac Banking Corporation, product issuers within the Westpac Group of Companies and non related third party product issuers, together with electronic access to the FSGs for these companies.

Please note that some PDSs are not yet available and that some financial products, such as bank products and margin loans, are not required to have a PDS.

Other disclosure documents

In addition to PDSs and FSGs this website also contains other disclosure documents such as prospectuses, product information statements (PIS), annual reports and product offerings.

Online Investing

Westpac Securities Limited and Australian Investment Exchange Ltd FSG

Online Investing Terms and Conditions

Online Investing through Westpac Securities Limited ABN 39 087 924 221 AFSL 233723 is a service provided by Australian Investment Exchange Ltd ABN 71 076 515 930 AFSL 241400, a participant of the ASX Group. 

Corporate Online

Westpac FSG (PDF 66KB)

Corporate Online Terms and Conditions (PDF 171KB)

Corporate Online Fees and Charges (PDF 98KB)

Commercial Cards

Corporate and Purchasing Cards Conditions of Use (PDF 774KB)

Virtual Purchasing Card Conditions (PDF 115KB)

Direct Entry

Westpac FSG (PDF 66KB)

Direct Entry PDS (PDF 128KB)

Business Accounts

Currently available for sale

Deposit Accounts for Business Customers Terms and Conditions (PDF 693KB)

Westpac Business Debit Mastercard Terms and Conditions (PDF 451KB)

Term Deposits for Business Customers Terms and Conditions (PDF 166KB)

No longer available for sale

Deposit Accounts for Business Customers (No longer available for sale) Terms and Conditions (PDF 245KB)

Business Value Bundle Terms and Conditions (PDF 581KB)

MyBusiness Solutions Terms and Conditions (PDF 193KB)


PayID Terms and Conditions (PDF 99KB)

Merchant Services

Merchant Services Terms and Conditions (PDF 335KB)

General Insurance 

Westpac FSG (PDF 66KB)

Institutional Bank - Financial Markets

Westpac FSG (PDF 66KB)

Westpac Privacy Statement (PDF 45KB)

Global Order Execution Policy Disclosure (PDF 46KB)

Westpac's Last Look Disclosure (PDF 95KB)

Allocations in bond offerings (PDF 126KB)  

Dodd Frank Disclosure Documents- General Disclosures

Dodd Frank Disclosures, including General Disclosures, Material Economic Terms, Margin Self Disclosure Letters and Daily Mark information can be found here.

Margin – Self Disclosure Letter

Regulatory Margin Self-Disclosure Letter - ISDA full form (PDF 2MB)

Regulatory Margin Self-Disclosure Letter - Australian Supplement (PDF 618KB)

Regulatory Margin Self-Disclosure Letter - Hong Kong Supplement (PDF 745KB)

Regulatory Margin Self-Disclosure Letter - Singapore Supplement (PDF 611KB)

IBOR Disclosures (including LIBOR)

Certain interest rate benchmarks are subject to ongoing international and other regulatory guidance and proposals for reform (Reforms).

The interest rate benchmarks which are the current subject of Reforms include U.S dollar LIBOR, British pound sterling LIBOR, Swiss Franc LIBOR, Japanese Yen TIBOR, Japanese Yen LIBOR, EUR LIBOR, EURIBOR and Euroyen TIBOR (IBORS).

Any change in the performance of an IBOR benchmark or its discontinuation could have a material adverse effect which may materially impact the economics of transactions that have a nexus with IBOR benchmarks.

Disclosure relating to the potential discontinuation of Interbank Offered Rates (including LIBOR) can be accessed using the pdf link below.

IBOR Transition Loans Disclosure Statement (PDF 35KB)

IBOR Transition Derivatives Disclosure Statement  (PDF 36KB)

IBOR Floating Rates Notice Disclosure Statement (PDF 33KB)

Foreign Exchange and Foreign Exchange Derivatives

Foreign Exchange Option (PDF 136KB)

Foreign Exchange Swap PDS (PDF 171KB)

Foreign Exchange Transaction PDS (PDF 176KB)

Flexi Forward Contract (PDF 130KB)

Participating Forward Contract (PDF 94KB)

Range Forward Contract
(PDF 190KB)

Foreign Currency Accounts

Foreign Currency Account Terms & Conditions (PDF 291KB)

Foreign Currency Term Deposit Product Disclosure Statement (PDF 325KB)

Institutional Bank - Transactional Banking

Westpac FSG (PDF 66KB)

Corporate Transactional Accounts PDS (PDF 310KB)

Online Banking

Westpac FSG (PDF 66KB)

Online Banking Terms and Conditions (PDF 305KB)

Periodical Payments

Westpac FSG (PDF 66KB)

Periodical Payments Terms and Conditions (PDF 46KB)


FSG for BT Super for Life Trustee

BT Super for Life PDS

BT Super for Life Additional Information

Life and income insurance

Westpac FSG (PDF 66KB)

BT Protection Plans (PDF)

For Term Life, Term Life as Superannuation, Living Insurance, Income Protection, Income Protection Plus, TPD Insurance and Business Overheads insurance.

A target market determination has been made for this product. Please visit for the target market determination.

Telephone Banking

Westpac FSG (PDF 66KB)

Business Telephone Banking Terms and Conditions (PDF 142KB)

Foreign language Financial Services Guides

Our foreign language Financial Services Guides are currently being updated.

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