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PSD templates and spots & specs

Last updated: May 2017

WBC spots & specs and digital banner PSD templates (Zip/PSD 71.8mb)

Here are some considerations when using our templates, creating assets for the public sites.

Please read through the Spots & Specs provided to learn about the brand and the digital requirements.


Page 9 is a great overview of templates we use and assets we output. Then to follow, pages 20-23 is the visual guide explaining in detail.


Things to be considered when selecting an image

  • One focal point
  • Focal point on the right/left hand side
    (image can be flipped but making sure there’s no words on there, like an artwork in the background of words etc)
  • Focal point needs air around it and not closely cropped
  • Horizontal – panoramic (means focal point in the middle, image to have background on left/right side).


Things to be considered when using PSD templates

  • Ensure that the focal point layer is removed from the final exported image
  • Ensure that the final files/artwork are output at recommended file size
  • Use focal point layer as a guide to ensure image will work on all devices and break points.

Last updated: October 2014

Westpac Group's heritage, palette, logo variations, colours and photography.

Last updated: July 2017

Spots and specs - logo, colours, typography, web banners and more.

Last updated: July 2017

Creative guidelines for the new Westpac Online Banking NBA and campaign webtiles.
Please note: If you require NBA or secure tiles - please contact us below.

Last updated: August 2017

Digital element specs – fonts, typography, colour palette, buttons and more.

Last updated: July 2017

Digital Out of Home guidelines – colours, typography, elements, timing and more.

Last updated: May 2017

Our tone of voice, best practise, specs and examples for eDMs.

Last updated: July 2017

Our tone of voice, photography, specs and examples for DM.

Look, feel and tone, messaging content and how to's.

Last updated: August 2017

Brand guidelines - logo, graphic elements, card usage, photography and more.

Last updated: June 2015

Why and how we write the way we do for online, tablet and mobile.

Last updated: June 2017

Ruby's logo, colours, typography and photography.

Important info

This site should be your single source of truth. As style guides evolve, be sure to check back here regularly to ensure you use the latest versions.

Passwords will be updated quarterly.  If yours expires, check with your stakeholder to obtain the latest access details.

However, if you're looking to create a new customer experience beyond these guidelines, please contact the CX team.