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Prepaid electronic value cards

The Westpac Commercial Prepaid Card allow customers to quickly issue prepaid cards. Customers have the ability to fully control the funds loaded and unloaded from the cards, close cards and suspend cards instantly.

Westpac has four different Commercial Prepaid Cards:

Single Load Commercial Prepaid Card

This is a multi-use prepaid card that is loaded with funds. This card is used for cardholders needing access to company funds or Government emergency fund disbursement.

Reloadable Commercial Prepaid Card

This card can be provided to temporary employees or for short term use.

Single Load Commercial Prepaid Gift Card

Provided to employees as reward and recognition or to a customer’s client for redemption schemes or as a gift.

Prepaid Business Expense Card

An alternative or replacement option for petty cash. This card provides better visibility on what is being spent through petty cash. It can also be used by employees for general spend.