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Treasury Dashboard

New digital forms

Westpac have launched new digital forms for an efficient, easy and fast experience.

Find out more about the experience to start.

How do I apply for the Treasury Dashboard?

Please complete the Treasury Dashboard Application Form (PDF 613KB) to establish the Treasury Dashboard for the nominated organisation.

How do I add/remove a Treasury Dashboard user?

Please complete the Treasury Dashboard User Maintenance Form (PDF 1MB) to add and remove Treasury Dashboard users.

All users will need to provide an existing customer number with an active email address and phone number to be onboarded.

Users that do not have an existing customer number can obtain one by visiting a nearby Westpac branch, contacting your Client Experience Manager, or using the Certified copy certificate – individuals form (PDF 1MB).

How do I add/remove Westpac (Australia) accounts to/from the Treasury Dashboard?

Please complete the Treasury Dashboard Org Maintenance Form (PDF 642KB) to add and remove organisations linked to the Treasury Dashboard.

Note: All Westpac accounts owned by the nominated organisations will be reflected in the Treasury Dashboard.

Further information on how to manage custom reporting views within the Treasury Dashboard is contained within the Treasury Dashboard reference guide below.

How do I add/remove non-Westpac accounts to/from the Treasury Dashboard?

The Treasury Dashboard allows the addition of accounts from a range of financial institutions around the world in order to obtain account information using MT940 SWIFT messages.
Please complete the Treasury Dashboard External Bank Maintenance Form (PDF 654KB) to add and remove non-Westpac accounts linked to the Treasury Dashboard.

The following sample Authorisation Memo (DOC 28KB) can be used to request the data transfer to be established with the other financial institution, however you should refer to the application requirements specified by that institution.

Treasury Dashboard Reference Guide

The Treasury Dashboard Reference Guide (PDF 2MB) provides additional information relating to the functionality of the Treasury Dashboard, general navigation instructions and frequently asked questions.