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Westpac accounts

In this section we provide information and forms for opening new Westpac accounts, making changes to your accounts signatories and what we suggest if you are looking to close a Westpac account.

New digital forms

Westpac have launched new digital forms for an efficient, easy and fast experience.

Find out more about the experience to start.

Opening Accounts

Documents required to establish Australian Dollar Accounts and Foreign Currency Accounts

  • Account opening Request
  • Written Consent of the Board of Directors (Delegation of Authority to GE Corporate Treasury)
  • Notice of authority referred to by GE as Annexure A
  • Completion of Company identification online using AVOKA and supporting information/documents
  • FACTA Annexure
  • Optional – Letter to add legal entity/account to IDOL facility which GE refers to as Cash Pool.

Managing account signatories

To add / delete account signatories a vault request is required on a Company letterhead signed by two Delegated Officers as per Delegation of Authority.

When adding account signatories, a specimen signature of new account signatories must be included in the vault request.

If manual signers are no longer required, please include operating rule for bank account in a vault request on a Company letterhead.

All new account signatories are required to complete Westpac identification process.

Closing bank accounts

To close an Australian dollar bank account or foreign currency bank account, we will require a vault request on a Company letterhead signed by two delegated officers.

The following information must be included in the vault request:

  • Closing account number and account title
  • Include any products/services linked to the closing account
  • Nominate an account to debited /credited outstanding balance

Customer Identification

Under the Anti Money Laundering / Counter Terrorism Financing Act Westpac Group is required to collect and verify Customer Identification information, for any new customers on-boarded.

You should only complete a CIC form if the account you are opening is in a different or new name from what Westpac would already have on record.  If you are unsure whether you need to complete a CIC please contact your Westpac representative.

AML/CTF - Westpac Group policy

Westpac’s Customer Information Certificates are designed to assist in collecting relevant information for each of the different Entity Types on-boarded by Westpac to ensure we meet our AML/CTF compliance requirements.  There is a separate Customer Information Certificate (CIC) for each Entity Type, as listed in the table below.

Note: Based on recent AML Regulatory changes, the CIC forms have changed to collect additional information. These regulatory changes come into effect on August 17th. As such, if you have printed a form pre 17 August and don’t return it to your bank representative until post 17 August, we will be required to collect additional information from you.

Customer Information Certificates (CIC) Forms

To complete the CIC forms using the online portal, please use New CIC Request.

What identification is required?


Complete the appropriate Entity Type Customer Information Certificate, and forward it together with the required Account Opening forms to your Client Enquiry Manager, ensuring all the required information has been completed.  
You may be required to supply additional identification documentation to support in verifying your identity i.e. certified copy of the Trust Deed for Trust Accounts.
Your Client Enquiry Manager can provide guidance on your identification and any additional documentation requirements.
Your Client Enquiry Manager can assist you in determining the correct CIC for your entity type.

Individuals (Account Signatories)

Individuals transacting on an account will be required to be Westpac Identified. Please have them present their identification documentation at their local Westpac Branch.  Once they have been identified, please contact your Client Enquiry Manager and provide them with the new Customer Number.

Guidance Document for Customers

The documents below have been prepared for customers to provide guidance on the process for certifying identification documents in Australia and outside of Australia.

Guidance on Certifying Identification Documents for Australian registered/resident customers (PDF 90KB)

Guidance on Certifying Identification Documents for non-Australian registered/resident customers (PDF 58KB)