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Trusteer Rapport - FAQs

Is it compulsory to install and use Trusteer Rapport? What happens if I don't?
If I download and install Trusteer Rapport will I be charged?
Do I still need anti-virus if I install Trusteer Rapport?
Does Trusteer Rapport store my password?
Will Trusteer Rapport conflict with anti-virus or desktop security solutions installed?
Do I have to install Trusteer Rapport on every computer I use?
Do I need to update Trusteer Rapport?
Do I need to be an Administrator or have Administrative rights to install?
If my computer is already infected with malware when I installed what happens?
Does Trusteer Rapport work on Macs and PCs? And is my web browser supported?
I've installed Trusteer Rapport, how do I know if it's working?
How do I manually protect other websites?
Does Trusteer Rapport support screen readers/print screen?
Is Trusteer Rapport hacker proof?
How do I hide the Trusteer Rapport icon from the address bar?
How do I unhide the Trusteer Rapport icon from the address bar?
I don't see the Trusteer Rapport icon next to the address bar
How do I uninstall Trusteer Rapport?
Can't find your question? Or looking for more information?
How do I find the end-point Trusteer licence number?