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Trusteer Rapport - FAQs

No, we have worked with IBM to provide Trusteer Rapport at no cost to you. We strongly recommend that Trusteer Rapport is installed on every computer used to access Corporate Online.

Trusteer Rapport does not replace your anti-virus and is not an anti-virus solution.  It works differently and helps prevent attacks that your anti-virus solution cannot detect or remove.  Trusteer Rapport is designed to work alongside to complement anti-virus software/desktop security solutions and firewall.

No, Trusteer Rapport does not store any logins, passwords, or sensitive information such as credit card details.

Trusteer Rapport is designed to work and is tested regularly against a wide range of anti-virus, desktop security solutions and firewalls - it's not designed to replace them as they work most effectively when used together, however some known conflicts do exist. You can check compatibility with other security software. If you have any conflicts or can’t find your security solution in the compatibility list, please go to Trusteer Support.

  • Anti-virus/desktop security solutions - help to stop threats, by scanning your PC and looking for suspicious files
  • Firewall - hides your computer from attackers, and helps stop criminals getting data in and out of your PC
  • Trusteer Rapport - secures the connection between your PC and the internet.  It checks you've accessed the genuine site, and if you haven't, it stops your data going to a fraudulent website.

Yes, in order to get the protection offered by Trusteer Rapport, it is strongly recommended that it'd be installed on every machine used to access Corporate Online.

No, Trusteer Rapport has inbuilt advanced automatic update mechanisms that will update automatically when there are new updates.  It does not require updates, configuration or maintenance.

No, it is possible to install Trusteer rapport if you don't have Administrative rights.  However, the level of security provided is slightly reduced.  Westpac strongly recommend that Trusteer Rapport is installed with Administrator rights to optimise it's security benefits.  If you don't have these rights, please contact your IT department to assist.

Trusteer Rapport protects your computer against malicious software which targets your banking.  If this type of threat is present when Trusteer Rapport is installed, it will be removed.  Other types of non-financial targeting malicious software that may be on your computer will simply be blocked from accessing sensitive information whilst you are on a Trusteer Rapport protected website.  Removing Trusteer Rapport enables the malicious software to operate again, putting your details at risk.

Yes. Trusteer Rapport is available for both Mac and PC users.

You can check the complete list of supported operating systems and browsers.

After installation the Trusteer Rapport icon will appear next your browser's address bar.

You're protected - the icon is green when the website is protected.

a) Internet Explorer

Trusteer Step 10a


b) Mozilla

Trusteer Step 10b


If you click on the green icon, this pop up will appear. 

Trusteer Step 10c








Not protected - the icon is grey

Trusteer Step 10d


Westpac recommends that you protect any website that contains private or personal information.  Examples include:

  • Online banking and brokerage accounts
  • Emails (such as hotmail, gmail, yahoo)
  • Social networking sites
  • Online merchants (such as eBay and Amazon)

To protect any site:

  • Click on grey Trusteer Rapport icon next to page URL
  • Click 'Protect this Website'.

The Trusteer Rapport icon will turn green and that site will be protected.

Trusteer Rapport prevents printing a screen when a protected website is presented.
The purpose of this mechanism is to prevent malware from grabbing sensitive information using the operating system's print screen mechanism.  When you click the Print screen button while on a protected website, the following dialogue box appears.

  • If you want to print or capture the screen:
    Click Allow
  • If you did not initiate a print screen operation, and do not want to print the screen:
    Click Block

Trusteer FAQ_Print_Screen






Unfortunately, no security solution is hacker proof. Like your anti-virus software or any other security solution you use, Trusteer Rapport makes it harder for criminals to commit crime. Trusteer Rapport adds a very important and unique security layer to better protect your money and your sensitive information.

Hiding the icon will not remove or uninstall Trusteer Rapport, Trusteer Rapport will still be protecting your machine.


  1. Click the icon and then click "Open Console"
  2. Next to "Address bar icon" click hide
  3. Restart your browser (close all open browser windows and open a new window)



  1. Go to System Preferences
  2. Under "Other" Click Rapport
  3. Uncheck "Display Rapport icon in browser address bar"
  4. Restart your browser (close all open browser windows and open a new window)

If you removed the Trusteer Rapport icon from the address bar and wish to restore it:


  1. Click Start -> All Programs -> Trusteer Rapport -> Rapport Console
  2. Next to "Address bar icon" click "show"
  3. Restart your browser (close all open browser windows and open a new window)



  1. Go to System Preferences
  2. Under "Other" click Rapport
  3. Check "Display Rapport icon in browser address bar
  4. Restart your browser (close all open browser windows and open a new window)

The icon is either green or grey:

Trusteer Step 10a



Trusteer Step 10d



Three possible reasons can prevent the icon from appearing:

  1. You chose to remove the icon from the address bar. Rapport still protects you. If you wish to restore the icon, please click here.
  2. Your browser is not supported.  Check the list of currently supported browsers
  3. Rapport is not running. Start Rapport by choosing:

Windows: Start -> All Programs -> Trusteer Rapport -> Start Rapport
Mac: System Preferences -> Other -> Rapport -> Start Rapport

Westpac strongly discourages the uninstall of Trusteer Rapport as it may put your credentials and sensitive information at risk. 

This is not a comprehensive list of questions.  If you are looking for more information, please go to Trusteer Support.

1. Click on the green Trusteer arrow icon in browser address or go to the browser with Trusteer installed and select ‘Alt-R’.

Trusteer Step 10a


2. This will open a Trusteer window and click ‘Open Console’

Trusteer Step 10c








3. In the section ‘Product Settings’ (top left), click on ‘More Settings’. This will open a new window.

4. The ‘Trusteer Endpoint Protection ID’ is displayed. If you need to save this ID, click on ‘Copy Trusteer Endpoint Protection ID’ and paste it where required.

Trusteer Step 10c