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How Trusteer Rapport Works

IBM® Security Trusteer Rapport™ - being a simple, non-invasive browser plug-in - is entirely transparent and does not require any IT configuration or changes to the way you work or sign in to Corporate Online.

Nor does it conflict with any existing firewall or anti-virus programs. You simply install it on every computer used to access Corporate Online and browse safely.

How does Trusteer Rapport work?

Once signed in to Online Banking, Trusteer Rapport constantly shields your browser with background 'checks', effectively creating a 'protected' channel for safe communication while thwarting any hostile attempts by malware to access  identity or transaction data.

Trusteer Rapport also:

  • Allows you to check various security status updates
  • Learn from Trusteer Rapport's analysis and recommendations and how to
  • Recommends future security improvements.

What does Trusteer Rapport help protect against?

  • Phishing – fraudulent emails or websites, which often pose as an organisation you know and trust, thus attempting to get your personal information
  • Pharming – malicious software that redirect’s you to a fraudulent website when you type a legitimate web address in your web browser
  • Keyloggers - records keystrokes and then sends this information to an attacker
  • Man in the Middle - literally a 3rd party that intercepts data or communications between you and a website
  • Man in the Browser - a browser add-on capable of reading sensitive information; can also generate transactions on your behalf
  • Screen capturing - malware that takes screen shots of your computer screen (sign-in or password details, account balances) and sends them to an attacker.

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