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Systems integration

Integrating your general ledger systems

Integrating your systems will allow you to:

  • Access your bank statement data without having to re-type the information from a paper copy statement into your systems
  • View bank statement data much earlier in the day
  • Prevent errors due to mis-typing
  • Pass on transactional instructions directly to the Bank (eg EFT payments).

Different systems, different methods

The way that you go about integrating information to and from the Bank into your own general ledger system depends on the software you use. Each individual system has its own preferred method of receiving data and sending instructions to the Bank.

The difference between these systems is the preferred format the information should arrive in. Different file formats contain essentially the same data but are laid out differently. The ability to export data in more than one format allows you to integrate Bank data to a range of other systems.

What information can I find on these pages?

You will find information to assist you in:

  • Obtaining technical documentation that will allow your system integrators to perform data mapping
  • Obtaining example extracts to test these new data mapping rules.

File formats common to all general ledger systems

Account Information

Corporate Online -  BRS format - BRS Format (PDF 169KB).

Direct Entry system (Domestic bulk payments)

Direct Entry (PDF 91KB) - Specifications for Payment files produced from your ERP system and imported in to Corporate Online for processing. Direct Entry is widely used for local electronic payments, eg payroll or accounts payable.

Payment Processing Service

Payment Processing Service/PPS (PDF 141KB) - This document contains the relevant specifications for payment files that contain instructions to issue Direct Entry and Cheque payments. Once the file is created by your system, it then needs to be imported into Corporate Online for processing.

Westpac transaction codes

WBC transaction codes (PDF 173KB).

Contact list

If you require other Westpac file formats, please contact your Client Enquiry Manager.

Things you should know

To view PDF files you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Use Adobe's online PDF conversion tools to convert to another format.