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Managing account signatories

How do I add a new signatory to my account(s)?

For any account opening and authorities change applications submitted from 24 January 2020, all account signatories will be required to present at least one form of photo ID containing their full name, and date of birth (such as a drivers licence, passport) to an authorised Westpac representative or by visiting a local Westpac Branch to be identified.   A secondary form of identification may be required in some instances. 

Alternatively please submit a certified copy of your identification documents to your Client Experience Manager.

How do I remove a signatory from my account(s)?

When your organisation needs to remove a person as an authorised signatory, you must:

  • Send written advice to the Bank detailing the name of the person to be removed and the account(s) the person is to be removed from
  • The advice must be on your organisation's letterhead and be signed by those persons within your organisation who are able to provide authority instructions to the Bank.

Note: Where you are removing a signatory or signatories to an account, you may complete either one of the above forms, whichever is applicable as an alternative.