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Directorates - opening accounts

New digital forms

Westpac have launched new digital forms for an efficient, easy and fast experience.

Find out more about the experience to start.

How do I open a new Westpac account?

All completed paperwork should be returned to your Client Enquiry Manager.

Complete theAccount opening form - ACT Government (PDF 114KB) to establish a new account or an additional account for existing customers.

Notice of authority - ACT Government

Complete the Notice of Authority - ACT Government (PDF 62KB) form with the Directorate’s name and executed by the Director-General or Delegated Authority, where there is one in place.

Annexure 'A' to Notice of authority - ACT Government

If this is a new Directorate, please complete the Annexure “A” to Notice of Authority - ACT Goverment (PDF 478KB) where a Directorate or Administrative unit can nominate the account signatories within the Directorate.

This form only needs to be completed once if the signatories and operations are the same across all accounts held by the organisation.

Notice of authority for a specific account

Complete Notice of authority for a specific account form (PDF 79KB) if your organisation nominates different signatories or operations to a "specific" account as distinct from your other existing accounts.

Notice of authority for addition and or deletion to persons authorised

Complete Notice of authority for addition persons authorised form (PDF 66KB)  if your organisation needs to add or delete new account signatories to its existing accounts.

Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

Transactional account Product Disclosure Statement (PDF 310KB)  

What identification is required?

Individuals (Account Signatories)

Individuals transacting on an account will be required to be Westpac Identified. Please have them present their identification documentation at their local Westpac Branch.  Once they have been identified, please contact your Client Enquiry Manager and provide them with the new Customer Number.

Guidance document for customers

The documents below have been prepared for customers to provide guidance on the process for certifying identification documents in Australia.

Guidance on Certifying Identification Documents for Australian registered/resident customers (PDF 90KB)

How do I open foreign currency accounts?

A Foreign Currency Account is an Australian based deposit account for foreign currency. They are available for most major currencies.

The Account Opening form and Notice of Authority must be completed to establish a Foreign Currency Account.

Foreign Currency Account Opening Form (PDF 1MB)

Notice of Authority for a specific account form (PDF 79KB)

Foreign Currency Account - Terms & Conditions (PDF 3MB)

Incorporates the Terms and Conditions of accounts.

Foreign Currency Term Deposits

Foreign Currency Term Deposits PDS (PDF 109KB)

Foreign Currency Term Deposit Application (PDF 158KB)