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Direct Entry services

Direct Entry allows customers to electronically credit or debit their customer or supplier accounts at virtually any Australian Financial Institution, Credit Union or Building Society.

New digital forms

Westpac have launched new digital forms for an efficient, easy and fast experience.

Find out more about the experience to start.

Direct Entry has the ability to:

  • Reduce the costs involved in making payroll and creditor payments
  • Improve the audit and tracking of payments via electronic reporting
  • Reduce the potential for fraud (no cheque tampering)
  • Reduce the time frame for beneficiaries to receive value.

What form do I need for a Direct Entry - Credit facility?

The Direct Entry Credit User form (PDF 218KB) is completed when you require a new facility that allows you to make payments to others, for example staff and/or creditors. This facility will not allow you to process any debit entries, not even a self balancing entry.

This form is also used to amend or delete this facility.

When establishing a facility, please include the Direct Entry Credit User Checklist (DOC 80KB) as a way of ensuring that everything has been included in your application.

What form do I need for a Direct Entry - Debit facility?

Complete the Direct Debit application form (PDF 86KB) if your organisation requires a new Direct Entry - Debit facility for the purposes of debiting others. This can often be referred to as a Direct Debit facility.

This is also used to amend or delete this facility.  

What form do I need for a Mixed Direct Entry facility?

A Mixed Direct Entry service allows you to process both credit and debit entries in the same direct entry file. The Direct Entry Mixed User form (PDF 660KB) is used to establish, amend or delete this type of facility.

What form do I need to use when advising an excess Tape Negotiating Authority (TNA) limit?

Complete the Advisement of a Temporary Excess of Direct Entry Limit (PDF 56KB) if your organisation has identified that it will be in excess of the established Direct Entry file limit.

Please refer to the Direct Entry Product Disclosure Statement (PDF 477KB)  for terms and conditions of your direct entry service(s).