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Changes to Online Banking Terms and Conditions

Effective as at 18 September 2016

New Features

  • Transfer funds to a Global Currency Card. The Funds Transfer will appear in your Global Currency Card immediately
  • Manage Card PINs including setting and changing your PIN online.


Changes for Business customers 

LitePay International

In the coming months, Business customers will be able to authorise Users to open eligible transaction, savings and Term Deposits Accounts (Accounts) on the business’ behalf and add to their online Network. We have updated the following clauses to enable this:

  • Part 1, clause 3.5 has been amended to allow for the Business Network owner or an Administrator on the business’ behalf to register Users to open Accounts (which includes accepting the terms and conditions of the Account on the Network owner’s behalf) within the Business Network through user administration or by contacting us
  • Part 2, clause 3 User access table has been amended to allow for a User with View access to create a request to open certain account types, and Users with Create access to open Accounts
  • Part 2, clause 2.3 has been amended to reflect that forms to add an Administrator are now available on the Westpac website, online or from a Westpac branch.


Changes for all customers

Part 1 Section C - Online Banking Terms and Conditions

In the coming months, you will be able to provide us with instructions for a term deposit account at maturity using Westpac Live. We will be updating the following clauses in Part 1 to enable this:

  • Clause 5 Payments and clause 9 Important note on Payments have been amended to clarify further that we do not verify whether an account name matches the account number when processing Payments. It is important customers check the BSB and account number (or mobile phone number for Pay to Mobile Payments) is entered correctly
  • Clause 7.8 has been amended to:
    • make it clearer that a Scheduled payment may not be made when a User who is involved in the approval of a Recurring payment is no longer an Approver, no longer has access to the Account, or has been removed from the Network
    • recommend individual customers cancel any Scheduled payments and Recurring payments before they request we terminate their Online Banking as these payments will not be automatically cancelled when an Online Banking service is terminated.
  • Clause 12 has been updated to reflect that we may enrol customers to receive eStatements on eligible accounts after giving appropriate notice to customers. Customers can revert back to paper statements at any time through Online Banking.

Part 1 Section D – Security and liability

  • Clause 3.2 Security Codes has been amended to clarify that a user may need to enter a Security Code to create new and amend payee and biller details, and perform other transactions based on our security controls and monitoring.

Part 3 – General information

  • Clause 8 Recommending solutions that meet your needs has been amended to make it clearer to customers when we may provide a product recommendation
  • Clause 9 Factors that may influence our advice has been added to include a description on how our staff may be remunerated

Definitions –  the following new definitions have been added; Account Details, APCA, BT Invest, BT Panorama, Direct Entry facility and Global Currency Card.


Pointing you in the right direction

We would like to help point you towards choosing the accounts that best suit your needs from the very beginning, and then using them in the most efficient manner - so you can get maximum value from your relationship with us. That's why we've introduced our Terms and Conditions document in an online form which can also be viewed or printed as a PDF document:

Online Banking Terms and Conditions effective as at 18 September 2016 (PDF 200KB)

View the Online Banking Terms and Conditions effective as at 06 June 2016