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How to edit or remove existing Online Banking Users

As an Administrator you can keep your active User details up to date online.

How do I manage the Users who have access to my accounts?

  1. Sign in to Online Banking from a desktop using your 8-digit customer number and password. You have to be an Administrator to be able to complete this task
  2. Go to Administration and select User administration
  3. To edit a Users accounts, permissions, contact details and daily payment limit, select the User you wish to manage by clicking on their name, once you have made the changes select Save. To remove a User select the downward arrow on the right-hand side of the User whose access you would like to remove. Confirm your decision by clicking on Remove.


What if I have more than one Approver for administration tasks?

If your business network only requires one Administrator to perform admin tasks, your User changes will now be active. However, if your Online Banking is set up to need more than one approval, the required number of extra Approvers will need to:

  1. Sign in to Westpac Online Banking from a desktop
  2. Select the Approval button near the Sign out button
  3. Select the Other tasks tab, where they will see User settings pending approval.


What will happen to the payments the removed User set up?

Removing a User's access to your Online Banking will mean they can no longer view your business accounts. However, any payments previously approved by the User (such as recurring or future dated payments) will still proceed.

What if I want to suspend a User rather than remove them?

If you would like to suspend a User temporarily, complete steps 1 to 2 – then at step 3, select Suspend instead of Remove.


How can I reinstate a User in Online Banking?

If you have suspended a User, you can reinstate them by completing steps 1 to 2 – then at step 3, select Unsuspend.