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How to manage permission and approval settings in Online Banking

View the admin and payment features you can assign – and choose how many people must approve actions before they can be completed.

How do I choose the number of approvals for tasks?

  1. Sign in from a desktop using your 8-digit customer number and password. You have to be an Administrator to be able to complete this task
  2. Go to Administration and select User administration
  3. Select Admin settings then Permissions and approvals
  4. Set the number of approvals required for each admin and payment task, then select Save.


What actions can have multiple Approvers?

The actions you can set multiple Approvers for include:

  • Funds transfers, Osko® payments, same day payments (RTGS), BPAY® payments, international payments, direct entry payments and bank cheque requests
  • Opening transaction, savings and term deposit accounts online
  • Managing term deposit maturity instructions
  • Various administration tasks including maintaining payees, managing BPAY®view and managing PayIDs.

How many Approvers can I nominate?

You can delegate between one and four people to be Approvers, and payments will only be processed once all approvals have been provided. However, anyone set up in a branch as a Senior Approver can override the number of approvals required for a given payment task, but not Administrator tasks.

What if I have already set account level approvals?

The account level approvals set up when an account is first created will flow into and apply in Online Banking. Where you have subsequently set up an Online Banking action to require approvals, the number of Approvers necessary will default to the higher level.

For example:

An account you are making a payment from requires two people to approve it, but you have set Pay Anyone payments to require one approval in Online Banking. In this instance, the payment will require two approvals before it can be processed.


Things you should know

Enable or disable features: Features such as Payments can be disabled for everyone. Where this is the case, the feature will not be available to new or existing users.

Enable and manage approval workflow: Certain Westpac Online Banking tasks can be set up to require approval. You can delegate 1, or up to 4 users to be approvers of a task. Once all approvals have been provided the task will be processed. Bear in mind that users set up as Senior Approvers, are able to override the approval workflow for all tasks including payments but not including Administrator tasks.

Payment cut-off times: Payments scheduled for a future date that require multiple approvals, will need all approvals processed by midnight (AEST), on the date the payment has been scheduled for. Where approvals are outstanding for a payment at this time, the payment will need to be recreated.