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A smart way to separate your accounts in Online Banking or the new Westpac App.

 What is an account group?

An account group makes it easier to separate your personal and business accounts in Online Banking or the new Westpac App. You can group your accounts by type or customise a group to suit your needs.

Step by step guide

  1. Sign in to Online Banking from a desktop 
  2. Switch your dashboard to List view. You cannot see your groupings in the default tile view. 
  3. Select Edit view then Manage account groups 
  4. Choose to display accounts Without group heading, Grouped by account type or With custom groups 
  5. Select Save changes

If you selected ‘Without group heading’ or ‘Grouped by account type’, you will now be able to see your accounts in groups from the Overview menu in List view and the new Westpac App. 

If you’ve selected ‘With custom groups’, there are a couple of extra steps: 

  1. Enter a new group name, then select Create 
  2. From the dropdown menu, select the accounts or services to add to the group. Each account can only belong to one group 
  3. Select Actions (to the right of the account group) to edit, delete or move a group higher up the list 
  4. Select Save changes

How do I update my account groups?

You can only update your account groups on a desktop, however the changes will display in both your Online Banking and the new Westpac App.

Account groups explained

  • Without group heading - all your accounts grouped together 
  • Grouped by type - all your accounts of the same type grouped together. For example, all transaction accounts or all savings accounts 
  • With custom groups – all your accounts are grouped into categories that you define, i.e business accounts together and all your personal accounts together as one example. You can add a name to personalise each group.

What is the new Westpac App?

See how easy it is

Watch this video to find out how the feature works.