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How to make changes to my business network


  • Manage network details such as contact name, address, email address, business daily limit and billing account
  • Manage accounts and features available in the business network
  • Manage the number of approvals required for Administration tasks
  • Manage the number of approvals required for a task e.g. Pay Anyone, BPAY etc. 
  • Add, amend or remove Users
  • Manage User access to accounts and features
  • Manage User daily payment limit
  • Suspend and unsuspend a User
  • Manage User access to SecurID tokens and Westpac Protect SMS Code 
  • Approve Administration tasks.

To access User administration select Services & preferences > User administration from the Overview screen.

Task you need to complete Form Required
Register your business for Westpac Live - Complete the online registration form. If you get stuck, your local branch or business banker can assist you. Westpac Live Business Registration
Account (Term Deposit) Origination Authority form - Complete this form to add or remove the ability for Administrators to open new accounts in the name of the Business Network Owner through Online Banking, and to grant this ability to other Users. Account origination authority (PDF 565KB)
Add or remove an Administrator - Complete this form to add or remove Administrator access to an existing User in your Business Network. Administrator form - Online Banking (PDF 77KB)
Access or share a joint account - Complete this form to allow any joint account owners to share access to a joint account  with a third party in their personal or business network.

Where a joint account holder is a business who wants to view or access the joint account in Westpac Live the account is required to be shared by both account owners using this form.
Joint account on-share authority (PDF 525KB)
Access a Third Party account- Complete this form to grant access to an account to a third party organisation via their Online Banking . This authority provides access via Online Banking only and not via any other channel including branch, ATM or Telephone Banking. Third Party Access Authority (PDF 1MB)
Add or Remove a Senior Approver - Complete this form to add or remove Senior Approver access to an existing User in your Business Network. Senior Approver form - Online Banking for business (PDF 507KB)
Cancel your business Network - Complete this form if you want to cancel your Business Network including cancelling the access of each User. Cancel Network - Online Banking for business (PDF 322KB)

Note: You will need to complete the appropriate form - then print, have the form signed and return the original signed form to your nearest branch or business banker.