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In order to change the account your funds are paid into, you must contact our Merchant Helpdesk (1800 029 749). Please note that funds can only be settled into a Westpac Bank account.

If you have outstanding invoices we recommend that you contact or resend your invoice to your customer to ensure that your updated BSB and account number are correctly represented in the invoice that they have received.

Yes, this is available within the Genie web portal, you will see an option to download your receipts or invoices in .CSV format within the Receipts or Invoices page.

You will need to send your customers full name and mobile number as used on the invoices you've sent to Once you have done so the customers details will be removed as soon as possible.


Sending an invoice with the Card Payment option on will allow your customers to pay for that invoice online using a valid credit/debit card. Please note that an online card transaction fee applies to transactions that are paid through this method, see your fee schedule for more information.

In the invoices tab, your invoices are categorised as unpaid or paid. By tapping on an invoice, you can see further details about that invoice, including viewing the original invoice that was sent. You can also contact your customer in a variety of ways, see a timeline of your interactions with them and mark it as paid.

When sending an invoice, you can specify a custom message that will be displayed in the email that your customer will receive. The invoice itself will be a PDF attached to the email. The invoice is included in the email message sent to your customer and is also available to download via the online payment page where card payments have been enabled. 

A nudge is a gentle reminder you can send to a customer that has not paid an invoice, sent by email and with the original invoice attached. You can specify a custom message that will be displayed in the email in place of your original message.

Westpac has partnered with Assembly Payments to facilitate online invoice payments for Genie. Your customers will be presented with the Assembly Payments branded portal when paying your invoices.

To see an invoice you have sent, tap on the invoices tab, select the invoice you wish to view, then tap on ‘Preview’ in the top right corner. Your business email will also receive a duplicate of all invoices sent to your customers.

If your customer has paid your invoice online, navigating to the invoice section of Genie will take you to the 'Paid' tab and highlight those invoices that have been paid since you last viewed this section.

Otherwise you will need to check if you have been paid outside of the app e.g. if you’re paid by bank transfer, you will need to check your bank account. When you have confirmed an invoice is paid, go to the invoices tab, tap on the invoice and mark it as paid.

You cannot recover deleted invoices and so care should be taken when using this feature.

You can recover a deleted invoice by logging in to the Genie web portal, clicking on ‘Deleted invoices’ in the menu, selecting the invoice, and restoring it.

You can edit your business logo and website in the Genie web portal. Your ABN, Trading name and contact number can be modified by calling us on 1800 029 749.

You can add your business logo to invoices by uploading it to the Genie web portal. To do this, log in to the Genie web portal and click on ‘Edit Profile’ in the ‘More’ section of the side menu.

You can update your business logo by navigating to the 'Edit Profile' section of your Genie web portal and clicking on the image area to upload a new one. An option to delete will present on this screen if you have a logo uploaded already.

Invoice emails are sent to your customer from our partner, Assembly Payments.

Please contact the Merchant Helpdesk (1800 029 749) and our bankers will be able to verify the online payment feature via Assembly Payments is available.

If you want to prevent your customer from paying an invoice online you can achieve this by deleting the invoice and resending another one with the Card Payment toggle set to 'OFF' during the creation of the invoice.

Funds received by Online Card payment are settled daily in bulk into your nominated Westpac account at 6pm AEST. If you have not received your expected funds please contact our Merchant Helpdesk and our bankers can assist you.


After you have added an amount to your subtotal, either by typing the price manually or selecting items, tap on the ‘Subtotal’ button at the bottom of the payments screen. This will bring up the subtotal screen, which indicates what you are about to charge the customer for. If the customer wants to pay by card, select the card option at the bottom of this screen, ensuring you have your card reader handy. The device will then guide the customer through the process of reading the card, selecting an account and entering a PIN or signing.

Card payments will be automatically settled into your Westpac transaction account once a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Taking a cash payment through the Genie app has a number of advantages. You can quickly calculate the right change, email your customer a receipt, and using Genie makes it easy to keep track of your sales for accounting and reconciliation purposes.

On the payments tab, tap on ‘Select Items’ at the top of the screen. You will need to add your popular products and services to Genie before they will appear here. You can do this under the 'items' tab.

Card reader

To find the serial number of your card reader, turn it on and press the 'enter' key.

If you're experiencing issues with your card reader, please call us on 1800 029 749.

If you have lost or damaged your card reader, please call us on 1800 029 749.

Yes, you can pair your card reader to multiple phones, however you will need to sign-in using the same username and password on each phone. Your card reader can only be used with one phone at any given time.

To preserve the battery of your card reader, put it to 'sleep' by pressing the power button the top of the device and then the 'enter' button.


On the items tab, tap on the item you wish to edit, then tap ‘Edit’ in the top right corner.

On the receipts tab, tap on ‘Top Products’. This will show you a list of your items in descending order of number of sales. If you edit an item name, this will not change or reset the number of sales recorded for that item.

If the GST switch is disabled when creating or editing an item, then you will need to 'enable GST' in the 'more' section of the App first. Once GST is enabled, you will be able to record GST on items, and your invoices and receipts will be titled 'Tax Invoice'.


Even if your customer decides not to get a receipt at the point of purchase, a copy will still be stored in Genie and can always be sent later.

All receipts and invoices will be stored by Westpac and made available through Genie until your account is closed.


On the receipts tab, tap on ‘refund’ in the top right corner to process refunds by cash or card. If you are refunding a transaction which was originally processed via card, you must refund the transaction to that same card.

All receipts (cash and card) will show an itemised breakdown of the value of each item charged in the email your customer receives. Payments made by card will also include a PDF attachment of the terminal receipt generated by your card reader.

You can edit your business logo and website in the Genie web portal. Your ABN, Trading name and contact number can be modified by calling us on 1800 029 749.


Your Genie username is the personal email address registered with Westpac when you signed up.

You will use your Westpac Live Customer ID and password to sign-in to the Genie web portal. If you've forgotten your customer ID and password, you can recover them here.

You can log into the Genie web portal by navigating to the Genie product page and selecting the sign in option otherwise click here to sign in directly using your Westpac Live Customer ID and password.

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