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Contract documentation

Below is a list of all the documentation that will help you as a new Westpac Merchant customer.

Merchant documentation

Notice to Westpac Merchant Customers

Effective 1 April 2019

There are changes to the Merchant Business Solutions Card Acceptance by Business Terms and Conditions (PDF 301KB)  (“Terms and Conditions”), the Westpac Merchant Operating Guide (PDF 1MB) (“Merchant Operating Guide”) and the Your Guide to Merchant Fees and Charges (PDF 1MB) (“Fees and Charges Brochure”)

The changes to the Terms and Conditions are:

Section Details
2.0 – Definitions and Interpretation “Credit Card Merchant Service Fee” means when your customers use a Mastercard or Visa credit card to make a payment we charge, based on volume and rate per card type, a combined Credit Card Merchant Service Fee. Mastercard and Visa are charged as a % of either the net or gross dollar value processed;
2.0 – Definitions and Interpretation “DGR Status” means a deductible gift recipient status as endorsed by and listed with the Australian Taxation Office;
2.0 – Definitions and Interpretation “End Amount” means the value at which each Transaction that is routed through the merchant choice routing feature is capped at. As most daily limits are capped at $1,000, the End Amount is capped at $1,000 at the date of these Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise stated.
2.0 – Definitions and Interpretation “ePAL Network” refers to eftpos Payments Australia Limited which manages the domestic eftpos network through which merchant transactions can be routed.
2.0 – Definitions and Interpretation

“Multi Network Debit Card” means a Debit Card that displays:

  • Both the Visa and eftpos brands; or 
  • Both the Mastercard and eftpos brands.
2.0 – Definitions and Interpretation “Online Banking” means the online banking service registered in the name of an organisation to manage their business banking online.
Clause 4.10 If required by law, we will forward to you monthly statements. This may be in electronic format.
Clause 4.24 You must provide a Cardholder with a receipt for a Transaction at the completion of a Transaction, except where you have offered the Cardholder a receipt and they have declined to receive it or the Cardholder has elected to receive the receipt by email or other electronic means.
Clause 5.0

5.1       This clause 5 only applies to EFTPOS terminals which offer a Merchant Choice Routing feature.

5.2       The Merchant Choice Routing feature enables an EFTPOS terminal to route contactless Transactions using Multi Network Debit Cards issued in Australia through the ePAL Network.

5.3       Different fees apply to transactions depending on how they are processed (routed):

a)  Transactions routed through the ePAL Network are assessed against the Debit Card Transaction Fee;

b) Transactions routed through Visa and Mastercard are assessed against the Credit Card Merchant Service Fee; and

c)  Further, you acknowledge that we cannot provide any financial advice on the benefits of the Merchant Choice Routing feature and recommend that you seek independent financial advice, where necessary.

5.4       To activate, or deactivate Merchant Choice Routing, contact your Relationship Manager or our Merchant Helpdesk.

5.5       We reserve our rights to activate or deactivate the Merchant Choice Routing feature in its entirety, with no liability to you.

5.6       Merchant Choice Routing Transactions are capped at the End Amount.

5.7       For the avoidance of doubt, Westpac does not at any time guarantee that routing Transactions through the Merchant Choice Routing feature will result in merchant fee cost savings.


10.1      You agree that if we grant you a logon/s to any online service (including Online Banking) for the purposes of, but not limited to, accessing electronic copies of statements and submitting service requests to Westpac in relation to your Merchant Facilities, that you are responsible for administering and managing access to that service.

10.2      To access electronic copies of statements you must be registered for Online Banking and have supplied us with a valid email address.

10.3      If we make an electronic statement available through Online Banking, a notification email message will be sent to your nominated email address advising you when your electronic statement is available to be viewed using our Online Banking service.

10.4      You can opt-out of electronic statements at any time via Online Banking, in-branch or through our call centre. See our Online Banking Terms and Conditions for more detail.

10.5      We will not be liable for any unauthorised use of your logon/s or for any inaccuracy, error, delay or loss that any User incurs as a result of connecting to, downloading or accessing details about your Merchant Facility online, therefore you should keep your logon details secure and confidential. You must notify us of any changes to your authorised users of an online access service. If a user ceases to be employed by you, we must be notified immediately to cancel that user’s access.

10.6      We reserve the right to suspend a user’s access to an online service relating to the Merchant Facility if we suspect that they are using that service inappropriately or not in accordance with any instructions issued from time to time.

10.7      We make no guarantee that information available on any online service relating to the Merchant Facility is accurate or correct at the time of viewing. Online services are subject to system maintenance and availability and to subsequent adjustment of information to reflect the true legal position, therefore users should independently download or record information for their own record keeping purposes.

25.7 We may terminate the Agreement on the grounds that you have not processed Transactions through your Merchant Facility for a period of three (3) months.
27.0 You must notify us within 14 days of any changes in your company, trading name, address and/or DGR Status. You can do this by writing to us at the address in this booklet or by transmitting by facsimile to the number in this booklet. You must continue to notify us of any changes for a period of 12 months after the Agreement is terminated for any reason. We will not be responsible for any errors or losses where we have not received adequate prior notice. (Your obligation to notify a changed email address is under clause 20.3.)

The change to the Merchant Operating Guide is:

Section Details
2.2 Merchant Choice Routing

When Merchant Choice Routing is enabled on an EFTPOS terminal, contactless Multi-Network Debit Cards are routed through the Australian eftpos network instead of the Visa or Mastercard networks. Transactions are therefore charged against the Debit Card Transaction Fee instead of the Credit Card Merchant Service Fee. A merchant may choose to send a contactless transaction via the debit network of their choice because that network may offer a lower cost for that transaction.

Note: Merchant Choice Routing can be enabled for certain EFTPOS terminals by contacting the Merchant Helpdesk or your Relationship Manager.

Recognising a Multi-Network Debit Card.

A debit card with a combination of either “Visa/eftpos” or “Mastercard/eftpos”logos.

Important information:

  • Merchant Choice Routing is set at a Merchant Identification Number (MID) level and applies to all EFTPOS terminals connected to the MID.       
  • Enabling Merchant Choice Routing will result in changes to your fees and charges (cost savings are not guaranteed).
  • For more information on Merchant Choice Routing, please refer to Clause 5.0 of ‘Merchant Business Solution - Card Acceptance by Business Terms and Conditions’ available on

What does Merchant Choice Routing mean?

It’s an option that offers merchants more choice for accepting contactless debit card payments – with the ability to process the transaction via a debit card scheme network that suits them.

The change to the Fees and Charges Brochure is:

Section Details
Equipment Not Returned/Damaged Is payable when merchant terminals are not returned to Westpac or where during the course of normal business they are damaged due to your negligence or misuse. Charges of up to $550 for EFTPOS and Mobile EFTPOS facilities and up to $200 for EFTPOS Contactless Readers apply.



Below is a list of all the documentation that will help you as a new Westpac Merchant customer.

Settlement and transaction times

How long before settlement reaches my account?


If you have a Westpac account, EFTPOS machine funds will be paid into your account instantly after your terminal completes settlement each day, 365 days of the year. If you are settling into a non-Westpac account funds will be paid into your account within 48 to 72 hours of settlement. These times exclude Fridays, weekends and NSW public and bank holidays.



Online funds will generally be paid into your account within 24 hours if you have a Westpac account. Settlement occurs at 6.00pm Australian Eastern standard time for online/eCommerce merchant facilities. On weekends and public holidays funds will be received the next business day.

How long after a transaction is processed does the cardholder have to dispute it?

Chargebacks may be processed to your account up to 12 months after the date of the original transaction.

Contract and sales

Can I have my merchant fees reviewed?

Yes. Simply telephone the Merchant Business solutions help desk on 1800 029 749 and select option 1.

Can I close my merchant service before the expiry date of my contract?

Yes, however a cancellation fee is charged for the closure of each merchant outlet (number) and the recovery of our equipment. This fee covers the administration cost of closing your merchant outlet(s).

The cancellation fee will be for an agreed amount and is set out in our Terms of Contract to you. When the agreement is for a fixed period of time, the cancellation fee will be higher if the facility is cancelled prior to the agreed expiry date of the contract term.


How can I obtain a copy of my merchant statement?

Copies are available from the 17th day of the month by calling the Merchant business solutions help desk on 1800 029 749 and selecting option 2.

How do I query a merchant fee or an adjustment on my merchant statement?

Telephone the Merchant Business solutions help desk on 1800 029 749, select option 2 and provide the customer service operator with the transaction reference number.