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Understanding your BusinessChoice Foreign Transaction Fee

Recently we contacted some of our Westpac BusinessChoice cards customers about changes to their Foreign Transaction Fee and applicable refunds.

To assist you with any further questions you may have, please read through the following Frequently Asked Questions.


Why am I being contacted about a BusinessChoice Foreign Transaction Fee refund?
Why is this refund being provided?
Which Foreign Transaction Fees charged to Westpac BusinessChoice card facility are being refunded?
How will I know if I will be receiving a refund on my Westpac BusinessChoice card facility?
What is the Foreign Transaction Fee, as defined in the Terms of Conditions?
How do I know whether a Foreign Transaction Fee will be charged before I make a credit card transaction in Australian dollars?
When will my refund occur?
What do I need to do to get my refund?
How will I receive my Foreign Transaction Fee refund?
What will the refund contain?
What if I have already received a refund for this Foreign Transaction Fee?
What if I received a notification but haven’t received a refund?
Why didn’t I receive a refund on all my credit card Foreign Transaction Fees?
Is the Foreign Transaction Fee in the impacted scenario still being charged?
I claim foreign transaction fees as a tax deduction. What should I do now that I have a refund?
Will I be receiving a refund for my Westpac BusinessChoice Card(s)?
I believe I should have received a refund but I have not been contacted by the bank – what should I do?