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JobKeeper Payment scheme - temporary funding assistance

A temporary overdraft facility to help cover employee wages and salaries while you await the JobKeeper Payment.

If you’re an existing Westpac customer, you may wish to enquire about a temporary increase to your existing overdraft or a new temporary overdraft to provide short-term relief whilst awaiting the Government’s JobKeeper payments. This product is a temporary overdraft facility. An overdraft facility is an ‘at call’ facility.  What this means is that you will need to repay the facility when we ask (and we can ask for repayment at any time, even if there’s no event of default). For example, without limiting our rights, if your eligibility for the JobKeeper payment scheme changes, we may demand repayment of your temporary overdraft facility. This offer can only be obtained up until 27 September 2020, Westpac reserves the right to reprice, amend, extend or withdraw this offer at any time.
If you require funding for a different purpose, please refer to our other lending solutions.

Check your eligibility:

Are you an existing Westpac Customer?

Have you enrolled for the JobKeeper payment with the ATO?

Have you nominated a Westpac bank account to receive the JobKeeper payments?

Do you make your payroll payments from a Westpac bank account?

Do you confirm that you will be using the funds to pay your employee salary or wages whilst you await the JobKeeper payments?

Are you authorised to answer these questions and apply for credit on behalf of each borrower and have you advised all parties (including guarantors, other directors, partnership partners etc.)?

Based on your response you have not met the eligibility criteria. We are not able to proceed. Please visit our Business COVID-19 Hub to see if you qualify for other relief measures.

Please visit the ATO website to enrol and be sure to nominate a Westpac bank account to receive your JobKeeper payments. 

Borrower details:

Please ensure details are accurate - they must match the details of your ATO JobKeeper enrolment.  Your application may be delayed or declined if your information cannot be verified with the ATO.

This must be the same name that is attached to the account linked to your JobKeeper payments.

Please visit the ATO website to enrol.

Please refer to the ATO website for the definition of an eligible employee.

This is the 8 digit number you use to sign into Westpac Live – Online Banking.


Please provide details of your Westpac Business Transaction Account that JobKeeper payments will be made into:

Please enter numbers only, no hyphens or spaces

Loan Information:



You must read and agree to each of the following consents:

Thank you for your enquiry.

We are committed to supporting your business as the COVID-19 situation evolves, and we’re here to help you and your business through this challenging time.

What happens next?

We've received a high volume of enquiries and appreciate your patience. We will be in touch with you regarding your enquiry.


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Things you should know

1. We collect your personal and other information to respond to your enquiry and process your application. We may share the information we collect in this form with relevant Government regulatory bodies who require it, or to validate your JobKeeper information, including with the Australian Taxation Office. For more information about how we collect and use your personal information please read our Privacy Statement.