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6 reasons why you need a savings account for your business

When opening a business transaction account, it can be a good idea to open a savings account at the same time. There are a number of reasons why you should put some money away for your business.

1.    Keep an eye on spending

A transaction account tends to be used to pay suppliers and receive payments. With all those transactions coming in and out, you are getting an ever-changing picture of your business finances.


To avoid the stress of not knowing how much your business is spending each month, putting money aside into a savings account means you can keep an eye on your day-to-day spending. You can see clearly how much your business is spending each month.


Tip: Downloading your online banking app will also help you check balances and transfer money between accounts when you need to.


2.    Put money away for tax payments

If you run a business, you may need to pay income tax on money your business earns.  Here are some links that may help you with this:


3.    Have access to cash for unexpected events

Running out of cash is one of the main reasons small businesses fail. If you get into the habit of saving regularly you could avoid this happening to your business.

With money built up in a savings account, you can see how much cash reserves you have. This is good news if you’ve an unexpected expense, or see something you want to buy that will help you manage or grow your business.  With most savings accounts you can access the money quickly when you need it.

4.    Make your money work for you

Interest rates on savings accounts vary. There are some types of savings accounts, like term deposits where you can lock money away to earn a higher rate of interest on your savings. It makes sense to shop around and compare rates.1

5.    Show a good savings record to get credit

Having a history of putting money aside weekly, fortnightly or monthly can help when you need to apply for a loan, overdraft or credit card2. It shows you have the discipline to regularly save money.  Although, if you build up your savings enough you may not need to borrow!

6.    Planning future projects and seasonal lulls

Having access to cash can help your business through those times when money isn’t coming as regularly. Saving with this in mind allows you to plan for things like a predictable seasonal cash flow gap.


Opening a savings account is straightforward and with some financial institutions you can open it when opening your transaction account


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Things you should know

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