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Optus in brief

Optus, a leading Australian technology and telecommunications company, provides customers with more than 11 million services.

How Optus could benefit your business

  • Australia’s fastest 5G mobile network for download speeds, as awarded by Opensignal +
  • Unlimited standard national talk and text
  • Share data across SIMs and other eligible plans on the same account.
  • Unlimited standard talk and text from Australia to 35 selected destinations on selected plans
  • Get 5GB and unlimited talk and text to Zone 1 destinations for $5 (Check Optus website for Zone 1 destinations)
  • Keep your number and enjoy a seamless connection.

How can I redeem this offer?

Open a Business One Plus account (unless you already have one), and ensure you're registered for Online Banking.

In Online Banking or the Westpac App

Before trying these instructions in the Westpac App make sure you update to the latest version of the app.

  1. Select the Business partner offers link on your home screen, then choose the account you want to use
  2. Choose Explore offer and activate on the offer you want to redeem. You’ll be redirected to the offer partner’s website for full details
  3. Follow the instructions on the page using either the debit card linked to your Business One Plus account or a Westpac business credit card.


More about Optus

With the Optus Living Network, access a range of helpful tools for your business. Through continual innovation and adaptation to meet your ever-changing needs, you're in control.

Looking for something else?

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Things you should know

Optus Partnership Mobile & Data plans (month-to-month): Below terms and conditions apply.

Save up to $801 on Optus Partnership plans: $801 saving is relative to standard RRP and has been calculated based on customer taking up 1 x $69 mobile plan and 1 x $20 mobile data plan for 3 years.  Offer available until withdrawn. Eligible to Westpac Business Plus account holders only.

Changes to plans: SIM plan price, inclusions & add-ons may change if your plan changes.

Optus Partnership Mobile Plans & Device Payment Plan (Optus Pay): SIM plan required for device payment plan. If you cancel either plan, you’ll need to pay out remaining device payments in full. SIM plan price, inclusions & add-ons may change if your plan changes. You must maintain an automatic card payment method.

Optus Partnership Data plan & Device Payment Plan (Optus Pay): Optus Partnership Data plan required for device payment plan (also referred to as Optus Pay). If you cancel either plan, you’ll need to pay out remaining device payments in full and any applicable device credits will be forfeited. Limit of one device payment plan per eligible device and per Optus plan. Watch plan price, inclusions & add-ons may change if your plan changes. You must maintain an automatic card payment method.

Device Payment Plan: SIM plan required for device payment plan. If you cancel either plan, you’ll need to pay out remaining device payments in full (credits forfeited).

Usage alerts: Usage alerts are typically real-time but delays of up to 48 hours may be experienced. You will receive alerts in Australia and while roaming overseas via SMS. However, you can change your preferred method of receiving usage alerts and service notifications anytime by visiting My Account. To learn more about usage alerts, see

+ 5G is available in selected areas. Actual speeds may vary by area. Check website for coverage. Opensignal Awards - Australia: Mobile Network Experience Report April 2023.


1 Total partner value has been calculated assuming you take up all partner offers for the entire offer period. Where applicable, we have used the highest subscription offered for Samsung, an initial purchase of $4,000, followed by a subsequent $1,000 purchase. For Uber, an annual spend of $1,000 is considered.


2 Partner value is determined by each partner's highest subscription price for the entire offer period, excluding Samsung and Uber. Samsung involves an initial $4,000 and a  $1,000 subsequent purchase, while Uber considers a $1,000 annual spend. The prices for MYOB, Samsung, Bitdefender, AGL, AWS, Lawpath, Optus, and Uber include GST. Shippit and Zii do not include GST in their prices. Refer to their websites for more information.


3 Offer values are shown in AUD. Non-AUD values have been converted to AUD using an indicative exchange rate as at 16/08/2023. The exchange rates are subject to market movements and therefore change continuously.


Partner offers are made by each partner and not Westpac Banking Corporation (Westpac). Westpac does not endorse or make recommendations about the services or goods provided by each partner. Partner offers are not a Westpac product or service, or a feature of a Westpac product or service.


The information provided is general in nature and has been prepared without taking your objectives, needs and overall financial situation into account. For this reason, you should consider the appropriateness of the information to your own circumstances and, if necessary, seek appropriate professional advice.


Each offer is subject to the partner’s individual terms and conditions, which are specified on the partner’s website. The offers can be accessed via Online Banking, which is owned by Westpac. When you click the link to access each partner offer, you will be taken to a partner's website, which is a third-party site not owned by Westpac. Westpac is not a party to any offers or contracts which you enter into with the partners. Any services or accounts you set up with a partner as part of receiving an offer is not a Westpac account.


Any queries or issues with the fulfilment or maintenance of any partner offers should be addressed directly with the relevant partners.


Partner offers are exclusive to Westpac Business One Plus customers. To be eligible for the partner offers you need to hold a Westpac Business One Plus account or be an authorised Administrator of a Business Network that holds a Westpac Business One Plus account and use your Westpac Business debit or credit card or BSB and account number as the payment option for the partner offer.


Eligibility to the partner offers is available at an account level. If you have more than one Business One Plus account, you will be eligible for partner offers on each account. However, all offers are subject to the partner’s terms and conditions which may include specific eligibility criteria. Please refer to the partner’s website for details.


If you close or no longer hold the Business One Plus account, you will no longer be eligible for the partner offers and any existing partner offers connected to that account may be terminated by the partner and you may start incurring fees per the partner’s terms and conditions.


Partner offers may be varied or withdrawn at any time in accordance with the partner’s terms and conditions and may not be available in conjunction with any other promotions.


Access to the partner offers is provided via Westpac Online Banking on each Business One Plus account. All account holders and authorised Administrators of a Business Network that holds a Business One Plus account will have access to the offers. If you are not already registered for online banking you will need to register to get access to the offers.


Westpac is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of claims made in relation to the services or goods provided by the partners providing these offers. To the extent the law allows, Westpac does not accept responsibility for losses suffered as a result of your acceptance of partner offers.


You are able to view the partner offers as you have opted in to receive offers from Westpac partners. If you no longer wish to see offers from our partners you can update your notification and marketing settings under your Personal Profile in Online Banking or for Business Network customers this can be changed by contacting a banker or calling us on 132 142.


Westpac does not give or receive commissions to or from any person in connection with the partner offers.