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Browse our collection of articles and explore ways to grow your business. We regularly update this page, covering topics from the new age of digital to customer retention.

Property: Pounce or pause? Millennials’ property dilemma

Since peaking in October 2017, national house prices have fallen by 7.9 per cent, marking one of the sharpest downturns in decades and giving homeowners little reason to celebrate.

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Economy: Where jobs are being created - and culled

There’s a lot of focus on the “tension” between why jobs growth has been strong but GDP data weak. However, is the labour market “puzzle” that opaque? 

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Innovation: Experts Angle - The logic and emotion of sustainable development goals.

In developing any business plan it is important to include sustainable development goals. Ronan Mac Domhnaill founder of Cred Solutions will talk about the logic and emotion behind the United Nations sustainable development goals and why you should include them in your business planning.

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Property: Aussie home owners brushing up on Home Loans 101

New findings from the latest Westpac Home Ownership Report reveals eight in ten (84%) Next Home Buyers1(NHBs) are taking steps to better educate themselves on home financing in preparation for their home ownership journey.

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Technology: Big Tech’s banking play prompts big questions

The latest cog in a brilliant long-term strategy or strangely underwhelming for a company that has revolutionised several industries?

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Property: Property vs shares? The long-term verdict

In spite of the housing downturn, almost anyone who bought five to ten years ago would still be feeling pretty satisfied with themselves.

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Business: Quick and authentic ways to increase your sales webinar

Are you achieving the sales you want? The founder of Sales Redefined, Abbie White, help us find quick and authentic ways to help increase your sales.

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Leadership: Women, shoo that lizard away.

As a new Westpac Small Business Report finds “self-confidence” is the biggest handbrake on women entrepreneurs, Sophie Hampel says controlling the “lizard voice” helps.

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Business: Three business credit handbrakes to crack.

The nation has a problem: businesses are not fairing as well as they could and have stopped investing as the power structure they rely on – government, regulators and banks – lets them down.

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Property: How much more affordable is housing?

14 March 2019 - There’s no shortage of talk about house prices. How much further will they fall? When will the market stabilise? Is it time to get in

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Technology: Biggest cyber challenge? Your staff

11 March 2019 - Westpac’s Andrew Webster says it is often simple actions from employees that can expose a company to cyber risks.

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Innovation: Experts Angle - Stand out, don’t sell out, in the age of online influence

Kirryn Zerna is an award-winning speaker, facilitator and consultant. Her passion is to help businesses and leaders to stand out in this age of online influence.

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Business: 7 steps to business success webinar

This webinar will provide you with valuable tips and tools that can assist you in understanding the key financial drivers of a successful business or organisation.

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