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Westpac’s Trusted Broker of the Future Podcast Series

Welcome to Westpac’s Trusted Broker of the Future podcast series, where we will discuss embracing agility and, change and focusing on the future, highlighting lessons learned and exploring why customers are at the heart of growing a business. You’ll be getting honest, open, and expert opinions to help you in becoming one of the leading brokers of the future. 

Episode 1: Technology

See what technology lies ahead, and what you can apply to your business now to streamline your processes. 

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Episode 2: The human touch

Discover what businesses can do to maintain the “human element” in a more tech-focused world.

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Episode 3: New clients

How do you get new customers in a competitive market trying to capitalise on a booming property market?

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Episode 4: Client retention

Learn about the consumer journey and find out what you need to do to create loyal customers for years to come.

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Episode 5: Attracting the right talent

What do broker businesses of the future need to look like in order to secure the best talent? 

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Episode 6: Future-proofing your business

Explore strategies to future-proof your business and keep up with the ever-changing landscape.

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Businesses of Tomorrow Podcast Series

In this five-part podcast series, follow four businesses as they travel to Silicon Valley, Shanghai and back to Australia navigating the path from start-up to scale-up for four fascinating Australian businesses. The Businesses of Tomorrow program is designed to reward and recognises businesses with the drive to shape Australia's future. 

Episode 1: Poised for greatness


Meet 2017 Businesses of Tomorrow winners Will Davies of Car Next Door, Hana Krawchuk of Love to Dream, Jordan O’Reilly of Hireup and Christian Damstra of Damstra Technology to find out how they got their start, where their business is going and what they need to get to the next level.

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Episode 2: AirBnB’s Joe Gebbia, LinkedIn’s Allen Blue and the secrets of Silicon Valley

Our four founders go on the trip of a lifetime to Silicon Valley to learn the secrets of scaling a business. Will is raising capital, Jordan deals with runaway growth, Christian is moving his business to USA and Hana is marketing to a big US player.

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Episode 3: Can a visit to China kickstart global domination?

Our businesses of tomorrow fly from Silicon Valley to Shanghai to see the most dynamic country in the world. We meet some Australian founders who are kicking goals with some very interesting ideas and discover how fitting into China’s five-year plans is good way to think about entering such a competitive market.

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Episode 4: Global study tour


The four businesses have returned from their trip visiting Silicon Valley and Shanghai and are brimming with big ideas. Car Next Door needs to convince investors to tip money into their capital raise; Love to Dream is trying to bag Target in the US as their next big retailer; HireUp is looking to see how they can keep their disability support platform as safe as possible.

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Episode 5: The power of refining the vision and mission

In this final episode of the Businesses of Tomorrow series, we speak to Simon Cant, founder of $100m venture capital fund, Reinventure, Tim Fung, CEO of Airtasker and Rob Koczkar of Social Ventures Australia to pick apart how our Businesses of Tomorrow can scale to the next level.

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