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Browse our collection of articles for news, education, insights, ideas and opinions on financial, economic and societal topics.  

Property: HOME OPEN: Holding pattern

August 27, 2020
Westpac senior economist Matthew Hassan discusses the housing market and the effects of COVID - 19 pandemic. 

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Currencies: BILL’S BITES: AUD’s ascent not done yet

August 26, 2020
As is usual with currency forecasting, predicting the end outcome isn’t an easy game, even more so in these incredibly uncertain times.

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Economy: AUDIO: Evans eyes critical period ahead

August 14, 2020
According to Westpac's chief economist Bill Evans, the economic blow from the coming “fiscal cliff” as government support measures are scaled back will be cushioned by households' prior balance sheet repair and savings.  

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Property: Recovery must ready us for future shocks

July 27, 2020
As the nation starts the hard slog towards COVID - 19 recovery, the finance sector will play a key role in helping to tackle long terms challenges to minimise the cost of future crises.

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Property: Deconstructing housing stimulus splash

June 25, 2020
A few weeks into fresh government housing stimulus programs, agents and developer say interest is running hot, but economists see only a short-term boost to activity.

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Feature Articles

Get some tips on how to manage your small business

Business: Social media marketing for a Broking business

How do i use the social media platform to promote my business?

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Business: The key to success in running a small business

Do you know the required steps of running a successful small business? This article covers the "must dos" focusing on the financial industry for a Broking business.

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Westpac’s Trusted Broker of the Future Podcast Series

Welcome to Westpac’s Trusted Broker of the Future podcast series, where we will discuss embracing agility and, change and focusing on the future, highlighting lessons learned and exploring why customers are at the heart of growing a business. You’ll be getting honest, open, and expert opinions to help you in becoming one of the leading brokers of the future. 

Episode 1: Technology

See what technology lies ahead, and what you can apply to your business now to streamline your processes. 

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Episode 2: The human touch

Discover what businesses can do to maintain the “human element” in a more tech-focused world.

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Episode 3: New clients

How do you get new customers in a competitive market trying to capitalise on a booming property market?

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Episode 4: Client retention

Learn about the consumer journey and find out what you need to do to create loyal customers for years to come.

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Episode 5: Attracting the right talent

What do broker businesses of the future need to look like in order to secure the best talent? 

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Episode 6: Future-proofing your business

Explore strategies to future-proof your business and keep up with the ever-changing landscape.

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