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Our sustainability strategy

Creating a better future for the people who bank with us, work with us, invest in us or are part of our broader communities.

At the heart of our approach to operating sustainably is a simple philosophy.

We must be constantly future-focused, looking to identify and respond to the emerging risks and opportunities we believe will affect the future prosperity of our business and stakeholders, for which we have the skills to make a valuable difference.

Over almost two centuries, this philosophy has motivated us to take a leadership role in tackling emerging issues and look to embrace new ways of doing business to stay one step ahead (as shown in our timeline of sustainability milestones).

As these issues mature, our aim is that our approach becomes part of our standard business practices, embedded in our day to day activities.

For example, more than 20 years ago we were the first Australian bank to establish an environmental policy and, soon after, began reporting our emissions. Today, it is a normal part of our day-to-day activities to ensure every business lending decision passes through our environmental filters.

We were also the first Australian bank to offer employees paid leave to volunteer, and today our desire to address social disadvantage and financial exclusion extends to offering innovative, tailored products and services. And we were the country's first bank to establish a policy to ensure our suppliers share our values, and it continues to be normal practice for us to independently audit their performance.

These actions have become part of the way we do things, because we've long recognised that Westpac Group's future is reliant on us responding to the big shifts around us.

2018-20 Sustainability Strategy

Our 2018-2020 Sustainability Strategy – It’s About All of Us (PDF 2MB) builds on extensive consultation and an analysis of the current and emerging issues that matter most to our stakeholders.

  • Helping people make better financial decisions
  • Helping people by being there when it matters most to them
  • Helping people create a prosperous nation

Our strategy is about making decisions today for tomorrow, to navigate change and adapt.

It’s about creating new possibilities to create a brighter future.

It’s about all of us – and together we can make a difference.

Our Vision

To be one of the world's great service companies, helping our customers, communities and people to prosper and grow.

Corporate Strategy Priorities Sustainability Strategy Priorities
  • Service leadership
  • Helping people make better financial decisions
  • Digital transformation
  • Helping people by being there when it matters most to them 
  • Performance discipline
  • Helping people create a prosperous nation

  • Targeted growth
  • Workplace revolution

More detail is available in our 2017 Reporting Centre.


  • Our Vision provides the foundation for all our decision-making.
  • Our Corporate Strategy Priorities aim to set us on the right course to maintain solid short term returns, while positioning us well for the future. Details of our performance against these priorities are contained in our Annual Review & Sustainability Report.
  • Our Sustainability Strategy Priorities recognise that for our business to prosper over the long term, so too must the communities in which we operate.

Driving action

To guide action towards the targets we have a robust governance framework and a series of positions, policies and action plans.