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This is a Step-by-Step Guide for Suppliers to Westpac Group: How to create a Valid Invoice

It is provided to help you to know the information which Westpac Group needs your invoice to contain so it can be approved and so that you will receive payment promptly.

Please note: Payment investigation (for example, if an invoice is a potential duplicate) may impact payment promptness. 

Please note: The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website provides specific definitions of what is a valid tax invoice and a valid invoice, which Suppliers to Westpac Group should ensure their invoices reflect:

  1. Please ensure that the invoice reflects the payment terms that have been agreed between you and Westpac.* Include the invoice date and number.
  2. Please include your contact details: business name and address, ABN, plus your Accounts person’s name, their email address and phone number.
  3. Please add the details of the Westpac Group individual who requested the goods / services from you: their name**, email address and phone number. To assist in achieving prompt payment, please add these details (which should be provided to you by the same Westpac Group individual):
    a) The WEAPS*** Requestor name and email address; and
    b) The Approver’s name and email address; and
    c) Westpac Group Cost Centre Number

  4. Please describe the goods or service you delivered, quantity, unit price, Total excluding GST, GST amount, and Total including GST 
  5. State your required payment terms or due date (or both) and the details of the account into which you want the payment made. Then email your invoice to Thank you.

*If you have contractual arrangements with Westpac Group, please invoice according to those.
**Attentioning the invoice to the person who requested the goods or services will enable your invoice to be paid promptly.  Please do not attention it to Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable, instead please state the name of the person.
*** WEAPS is Westpac’s accounts payable system, so it’s important that you confirm who the WEAPS Requestor is with your Westpac point of contact