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Sponsorship guidelines and opportunities

When considering sponsorship proposals, we have guidelines to assist our decision

Westpac Group has a number of sponsorships to support our brands.  Given our current commitments, we are not seeking new national community sponsorships. We recommend you contact your Bank Manager for any local sponsorship requests.

When considering sponsorship proposals, they will be measured against the following criteria:

  • Must be aligned with the business, brand and marketing objectives, brand vision, mission and values and our social impact framework.
  • Must be consistent with our corporate image and identity.
  • Must enhance the reputation of the brand in the community.
  • Must have the ability to engage our customers and people. 
  • Must differentiate ourselves from our competitors and have category exclusivity in the banking and finance sectors.

The sponsored party must:

  • Have a sound governance structure.
  • Be committed to work in co-operation with our brands to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Have the capacity to manage and support the various activation plans.
  • We will not consider sponsorships that could potentially expose the organisation to controversial issues and criticism.

Proposals that include the following will not be considered for sponsorship:

  • Organisations or activities with links to the gambling industry.
  • Support for political candidates or organisations.
  • Activities that support religious beliefs or organisations.
  • Extreme and dangerous sports including motor racing.
  • Activities that directly or indirectly damage the environment.
  • Activities that discriminate against people based on race, religion, gender, age, disability or sexual preference.
  • Pure brand awareness opportunities that focus on just logo association and signage rights.