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Westpac Climate Bonds support the commitment we have had to sustainability and managing our environmental impacts for more than 20 years. Westpac issued its first Climate Bond in May 2016 (PDF 213KB).

Westpac Climate Bonds raise funds to finance projects in two categories – renewable energy generation and green buildings. For more information, refer to our Climate Bond Investor Presentation [link to PDF].

Funds raised in the market through Westpac Climate Bonds go into the Westpac general pool of funds and are then tagged and allocated to investment in the Climate Bond Asset Pool. The use of funds is monitored by an independent third party. As the Climate Bond product is in its early stages, funding for eligible projects is supplemented by funds raised through Westpac’s normal funding activities. 

Westpac Climate Bonds rank as senior, unsecured obligations of Westpac Banking Corporation and are issued off the Australian Domestic Debt Issuance Program


Climate Bond Investor Presentations and Pricing Supplements

Westpac Climate Bonds (PDF 552KB)

Westpac Climate Bond Pricing Supplement (PDF 607KB)


Investor Reports
The first report will be available in December 2016.

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