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Open Banking - Manage consent

What happens if I stop sharing?

When you stop sharing for a consent, the consent will be revoked and we will no longer share your data the next time the Accredited Data Recipient (ADR) requests it. We will send a message to the ADR to advise them that you have cancelled your consent.

You can view your revoked and expired consents on the data sharing portal on Westpac Live.

Revoked consents cannot be reinstated, so if you would like to continue a revoked consent, you will need to create a new consent with the ADR.

If you revoke your consent, this does not mean that the data we have already shared with the ADR will be deleted. You will need to contact the ADR to discuss what they will do with this data.

Can’t see all your accounts? Learn more about data sharing for eligible accounts

Open Banking commenced on 1 July 2020, with a limited number of eligible accounts available for data sharing. Overtime, we will increase the range and number of eligible accounts and products for data sharing. As more accounts become available, we will advise on our Open Banking internet page.

You will only be able to see the accounts that are eligible for Open Banking. For more information on the eligible accounts, refer to the full listing located here (PDF 87KB).

Any accounts you hold in joint names or those which are closed, will not be visible at this time. 

How can I share my data for joint accounts?

To share joint account data, you will first need to complete the election process in the Joint Account Management Service. When you log into the Data Sharing Portal, select ‘Joint Account Management’ to view your eligible joint accounts.

To create an election, click on ‘disabled’ next to the account you wish to use. You can follow the process to enable for data sharing. Once you have successfully elected the account, ‘disabled’ will change to ‘pending approval’. You will need to advise your joint account holder to log into the Westpac Live Data Sharing Portal to approve or reject the pending election. Once the election has been approved, the account will change from ‘pending approval’ to ‘enabled’. Either joint account holder can then consent to share data, through the Accredited Data Recipient’s app.

What is the election process?

The election process is a step to ensure both account holders approve the sharing of data on a joint account.

Further information on how to complete an election is found under ‘How can I share my data for joint accounts?’

Why can’t I see my joint accounts?

There are several reasons why a joint account may not be eligible for data sharing and therefore, you will not be able to see or select the account for data sharing:

  • The account is not available for data sharing (check the List of Accounts available for Open Banking)

How can I tell if a joint account has stopped sharing?

If a joint account is part of an active consent and one account holder decides to Stop Sharing data, then data will no longer be shared with the ADR for that account. Note that other accounts, if any within the consent will remain active, unless the full consent is revoked.

When the joint account is stopped from sharing, there will be a message in the data sharing portal, when the other account holder views the consent. In the message, the word account will have a link. By clicking on the link, you will be able to view further details for that account about the data that has stopped sharing.