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Hello PayID, hello simple

Soon you will be able to securely link a PayID, such as your mobile number, to an eligible Westpac account to receive payments. That means instead of using your BSB and account number, you’ll be able to use a PayID to get paid.

Pay the right person 

With PayID, you can have more confidence that you’re paying the person you intended to pay. When you make a payment to a PayID, you’ll automatically be shown the name of the person you’re sending the payment to.


PayID will be here soon and we’ll let you know when.

Share your details securely

PayID has high security standards that must be met by all financial institutions that wish to register a customer’s details on the service, which they will only do with the customer’s informed consent. So you can safely share your PayID.

PayID works with faster payments

PayID is designed to work seamlessly with the new Osko service, allowing you to make and receive payments faster than ever before, 24/7 using Westpac Online Banking or your Westpac Mobile Banking app.

How PayID will work

You’ll be able to create your PayID with Westpac. When someone wants to pay you - or you want to pay someone - forget about BSB and account numbers – share PayIDs instead. Your PayID is unique - you can only link one PayID to one account at one financial institution.

To pay someone using their PayID, you’ll be able to simply sign in to Westpac Live and pay a PayID as part of the Pay Anyone function.

We’ll let you know when you’ll be able to register your PayID with Westpac.