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Meet Suzy Mann, Head of Technology for Westpac Consumer Bank. Suzy began her career in hospitality before making the switch to the tech industry.

I started working in the kitchens of my Dad’s restaurants during school holidays and over time moved 'front of house' working as everything from cashier to bar manager. The hospitality industry was a fantastic foundation for my career, teaching me the importance of both customer service and teamwork.

The start of a new path

Following the installation of a new computer system in the restaurant, the company offered me a role as a Support Technician travelling all over Australia, New Zealand and the US. What made me stand out was that I understood the technology requirements but also that I could speak ‘hospitality’ and understand exactly what the restaurant owners wanted.

To this day, I find that this is a skill that is very important in technology. There are very technical people with amazing skills that can work wonders with code, servers, databases, etc, but there’s always that need to be able to communicate with the business and senior management who can sometimes speak in a very different language.

“IT is boring”

I joined Westpac in 2011 to work on an information security project, and since then I’ve taken on a number of different roles including managing the virtual desktop environment and then leading Workplace Technology Services. After that, I spent some time back in information security leading Service Management. Security is one of the fastest growing segments in technology with new developments happening all the time so there’s always so much to learn. Now I’m leading the technology team for Westpac Consumer Bank, I have a fantastic opportunity to help make a difference for our customers.

I laugh when people say that IT is boring because it couldn’t be any less so. If you like puzzles, you’ll like IT. And working in a large organisation like Westpac, the scale and complexity of the environment creates great challenges. That process of bringing together the right people to work through a problem and solve it piece by piece is what I find so rewarding. And when things go wrong, having the confidence to own the problem, get in front of it and focus on how we’re going to resolve it can be a real buzz.


I’m a mum of two children and life can be a juggle. One of the things I like about Westpac is the flexibility in my business unit. I don’t want to miss out on school activities or being able to take the kids to soccer training on Fridays so it is good to be able to have some flexibility with my hours in the business area I support. I also try to work from home once a week or fortnight which is less travel time and more time with my family.

Give it a go

Never underestimate how transferrable your skills may be. Technology offers many different career paths and the greater the diversity of thoughts and ideas, the better the outcomes will be.