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Meet Luke from HR

I'm Luke Franks and I work in Human Resources at Westpac Group. Here's what you need to know about me.

I'm an adventure addict who recently developed a passion for climbing mountains

Naturally this involves lots of training and exercise, which luckily I can build into my working week. So far my mountain attempts include Mt Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) and Aconcagua (Argentina), both of which I climbed to raise money for our charity, using the special leave options and support offered by Westpac.

A typical week for me is never typical

While I work full-time, my hours vary according to my other commitments. I start work early around 7.15am and often I will then take time out of the day to train or attend meetings for my charity. All of the leaders I have had at Westpac have managed my performance by my outputs not just my hours. So as long as I'm getting the work done I can be fairly flexible with my hours.

I co-founded a charity

Alongside some of my Westpac colleagues I helped establish a charity called Oncourse that exists to help build brighter futures for disadvantaged individuals in Kenya. We place a special focus on empowering disadvantaged youth and women through intensive educational and employment programs. In this way, Westpac is a perfect match for me because they are very community-minded and provide leave options I can use when volunteering, and financial support through our matching gifts program.

I'm more productive, motivated and energised than I've ever been

When I spoke to my manager about my commitments outside of work and asked for some flexible working options, I was stoked when I was offered choice in how, where and when I work. For me, balancing my passions and interests with work priorities, and being supported by my team, has made me more productive and engaged at work.