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Where I can be a creative problem solver

Meet Katrina Ly, Senior Technical Lead, working on a project to create a new digital wealth platform for customers and financial advisors.

I’ve always loved technology. My father was a computer programmer and we used to spend a lot of time together taking machines apart and putting them back together again so for my brothers and me this was our normal.


At university I did a double degree – Bachelor of Science in IT and Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. The International Studies part involved learning Japanese and studying overseas, but my real passion was always computer programming.


My course was probably about 25% females, which was more than engineering, but still very low. I think there’s a perception that programming is dry and boring, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Programming is about creative problem solving. You have to work through the problem and you get to solve it in the way you choose. It’s also very rewarding as there’s a concrete output at the end when you get to see people using what you’ve created.


I joined Westpac as a graduate and did a series of rotations in different departments around the bank. This really cemented my choice and I started as a developer, progressing through the technical career path to where I am today – a Senior Technical Lead working on creating a new digital platform for BT.


I enjoy working in an industry that’s constantly evolving. As a woman, I’m also excited to challenge any stereotypes that exist about people who work in technology.