Foreign currency and traveller's cheques

Having foreign currency as soon as you arrive in another country can be handy for incidentals such as a taxi fares, meals, or renting an airport trolley.  It also means you won’t need to queue at the airport’s currency exchange when you arrive.

Traveller's cheques are more secure than cash, and can be replaced if lost or stolen. Taking both traveller's cheques and foreign currency can be a good solution, especially if you plan ahead and pre-order in advance.

This could save you money as opposed to doing so at the airport, where the exchange rates may not be as good.

So take the stress out of your next overseas trip and save money at the same time:

An alternative - Westpac Global Currency Card

The Westpac Global Currency Card is a re-loadable prepaid Visa card that can be used to make payments in multiple currencies either in person or online, wherever Visa cards are accepted.  It’s the simple, secure and convenient way to shop, whether online or overseas.

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