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Westpac can package a range of self-managed super fund (SMSF) services to help you operate your fund and maximise its potential for growth.


DIY Super Bundle

A bundle of three accounts including a Super Working Account, DIY Super Savings Account and an Online Investing Account to help you manage your SMSF's day to day transactions.

Fixed income

Term Deposit

Lock away SMSF funds at a guaranteed rate for a selected term of your choice.

Coupon Select Deposit

A tailored term deposit that lets you choose if your coupon is based on fixed or floating interest rates, or a combination of both.

CPI Plus Deposits

A tailored term deposit that pays an interest rate referenced to a fixed margin over and above the inflation rate, e.g. CPI + 3.5%

Inflation Linked Deposits

A tailored term deposit that features an interest rate which is directly linked to inflation. The interest rate increases with inflation, protecting the real value of your interest income.


BT Managed Accounts

Managed accounts can provide SMSF trustees with direct exposure to a professionally managed portfolio of Australian shares and listed property.

Self-Funding Instalment Warrants

An ASX listed investment that lets you borrow to invest in the sharemarket within an SMSF without margin calls.

Westpac Online Investing

A quick and cost effective way to invest online in shares, options, warrants, ETFs, managed funds, IPOs and more.

Residential Property Investment

Variable Rate Investment Property Loan

Funds the purchase of an investment property through a limited recourse loan.

Commercial Property

Bank Bill Business Loan / Business Loan

Funds the purchase of a business/commercial or rural property through a limited recourse loan.


Life Insurance

Access Death Cover, Total and Permanent Disability Cover and Salary Continuance Insurance via your SMSF.

Wrap BT Portfolio Wrap   A single point of access to a range of investment options such as managed funds, term deposits, ASX listed securities and insurance, eliminating some of the administrative burden and paperwork that comes with managing individual investments separately.
Financial Advice   Westpac Financial Planners   Westpac has experienced Financial Planners trained and accredited to advise on SMSFs. 
Fund Administration    Westpac Alliances Westpac has formed alliances with professional, specialist administration firms that can assist you with the running and compliance obligations of your SMSF. 


Looking for specialised advice?
Your Westpac Relationship Manager or Westpac Financial Planner can tailor a complete solution that will allow your SMSF to perform at its very best. For more information visit your local Westpac branch or call us on 13 18 17.
For further information on the risks you should consider the disclosure documents relating to each product and service (where applicable).