Shares & Investing Rates, calculators and tools


Term Deposit calculator

You can use our term deposit calculator as a helpful guide to estimate the interest you’ll earn.

Investment Risk Profiler

The investment risk profiler is an easy to use online tool to help customers determine what kind of investments suit their risk comfort level.

View Unit prices

You can view unit prices for, open retail funds, closed retail funds, wholesale retail funds.

Margin Loan Calculator

Test the potential effect of using a margin loan and regular gearing to increase your investment returns.

How much can I borrow via a BT Margin Loan?

Calculate the amount that you could borrow as a margin loan based on different investment scenarios, and identify the amount of equity you need to support your investment.

BT Margin Loan Comparison Calculator

Which margin loan fee structure best suits the way you will operate your loan? Compare the fee structures of the standard BT Margin Loan and the BT Margin Lending_Online loan.

BT Multi-manager funds portfolio calculator

View the asset allocation split of an investment in our multi-manager portfolios.