Borrow to invest. Accelerate your wealth with less stress.Borrow to invest. Accelerate your wealth with less stress.

Westpac Self-Funding Instalments (SFIs).

Accelerate your wealth by borrowing to invest in the sharemarket. Westpac Self-Funded Instalments (SFIs) offer individual investors and self-managed super funds long-term geared exposure to Australian shares and exchangetraded funds for less cash outlay upfront without the worry of margin calls. The result? You can build or diversify your investment portfolio, spread your risk and enjoy the wealth of opportunities the Australian share market has to offer.

Key Benefits

  • Enter the sharemarket with less capital outlay.
  • Long-term geared exposure to ASX-listed shares (usually top 50 companies by market capitalisation) and exchange-traded funds.
  • Low maintenance - we manage your investment.
  • Free brokerage offer for Westpac Online Investing customers.

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Managing Risk

    You should carefully consider the risk factors associated with Westpac SFIs before making any decision to invest.
    These include:

  • While borrowing to invest more money in shares can increase your potential returns, it can also increase potential losses.
  • The gearing level may change materially as the price of the underlying security and the loan amount change throughout the term.
  • If the price of the underlying security falls, the price of the Westpac SFI will generally fall.
    Refer to the Westpac SFI Product Disclosure Statement for more information.

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Things you should know

  1. Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141, ASF 233714 (Westpac) is the issuer of the Westpac Self-Funding Instalments Product Disclosure Statement dated 1 February 2011 (PDS). The above information does not constitute an offer, or a solicitation of an offer, to subscribe for or purchase any securities or other financial instrument; is not an invitation to invest; is not an offer for finance; does not constitute an offer, inducement or solicitation to enter a legally binding contract; and is not to be construed as an indication or prediction of future results. You should consider the PDS before making any decision to invest. Westpac has not taken into consideration the financial situation, investment objectives or particular needs of any particular investor and recommends that investors consider its appropriateness and seek independent advice before acting on this Information. Any reference to taxation matters is a general statement only and should only be used as a guide. It does not constitute tax advice and is based on current tax laws and their interpretation. Westpac and its financial planners are not qualified to give tax advice. The individual situation of investors may differ and investors should seek independent professional tax advice on any taxation matters. This information is current as at 1 February 2011 and remains subject to change without notice.