Westpac's business credit card overview

Rewards Credit CardsLow Rate Credit Card
Altitude Business Platinum card img_BusinessGold img_BusinessChoice img_LowRate
Altitude Business Platinum Credit CardsAltitude Business Gold Credit CardsBusinessChoice Rewards Credit CardBusinessChoice Everyday Credit Card
Earn uncapped Altitude Reward Points3Earn Altitude Reward Points3

Earn Qantas Aquire Points4

A low interest rate on purchases
Personal liabilityPersonal liabilityJoint & several liabilityJoint & several liability
Up to 2 cardholders with shared credit limitUp to 2 cardholders with shared credit limitUp to 10 credit cards with individual credit limits (up to business account limit)2Up to 10 credit cards with individual credit limits (up to business account limit)2
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Compare Business Reward Credit Cards in more detail

A business credit card acts in much the same way as a personal credit card, but has greater advantages for business owners:

  • Better cash flow management when you use your business credit card replace cheques and to support you during the peaks and troughs of your business cycle
  • Save time by separating business from personal expenses, with additional expense management reports available
  • Flexible cardholder controls over spending limits and transactions types for employees to make business-related credit card purchases
  • Greater transaction security with protection against fraudulent use potentially covered by company liability insurance.

Other benefits, depending on which Westpac business credit card you choose, include:

  • A choice of 2 liability structures to suit your business - personal vs. joint and several liability
  • Rewards programs, including Qantas Aquire or Altitude rewards
  • Complimentary insurance on selected cards, including cover for travel and business inconvenience.1

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