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Box Hill Branch

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About your business

There's nothing like local knowledge to help gain a winning edge. As your local business banking expert, contact me for advice with managing and growing your business.

Ying Pu

Local Business Banker

Language spoken: Mandarin, Cantonese

  • I'm for business
  • I'm helping customers reach goals
  • I have 6 years experience in the financial services industry
  • I am degree qualified

About your home

It's always comforting to have good local insight before purchasing a property. I can help with any mortgage or property related advice.

Jenny Budiman

Home Finance Manager

  • I'm a can-do attitude
  • I'm helping customers reach goals
  • I have worked at Westpac for 6 years
  • I am degree qualified

Vincent Yang

Home Finance Manager

Kenny Zhang

Home Finance Manager

Language spoken: Mandarin

  • I'm a home loan that suits you
  • I'm a people person
  • I have 5 years banking experience
  • I am degree qualified
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