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Employing future Indigenous leaders

Our employment focus covers initiatives from school to work transitions, recruitment, training and mentoring.

The Indigenous Employment Strategy demonstrates our commitment to employment diversity by aiming to make The Westpac Group a desirable place for Indigenous Australians to work.  In 2009 this was further reinforced by signing the Australian Employment Covenant, with the goal of employing over 100 Indigenous recruits.

The Leon Davis Indigenous Cadetship commenced with the recruitment of 2 students, including a 3rd year law student working part time in Westpac’s Legal Services, while completing his degree. It is hoped these cadets will progress to the Graduate Program following graduation.

We've introduced a school-based training program in partnership with the Aboriginal Employment Strategy. The initiative began in 2006 with the aim of introducing young Indigenous people to financial services, and growing their key business capabilities to improve their vocational options once they finish high school.

Advocating for Indigenous employment opportunities

We continue to identify and support initiatives that provide Indigenous employment outside The Westpac Group.  We do this through active membership in key networks such as:

  • The Indigenous Tourism Industry Advisory Panel to Tourism Australia
  • Indigenous Financial Services Network
  • The Business Council of Australia Indigenous Network.