Westpac as an employer

Gender equity

We were the first bank globally to sign the CEO statement of support for the UN’s Women’s Empowerment Principles. Find out how we will measure our progress and hold ourselves accountable by reading On Target.

Our commitment to the gender equality debate is also demonstrated by being:

  • The first private sector company to pay superannuation on unpaid parental leave
  • Our partnership with UN Women Australia for International Women's Day 2012
  • Recognised in EOWA’s 2010 Blue Ribbon List for the third time running for our support in advancing the careers of women
  • Awarded EOWA's Employer of Choice for Women in 2011.

By 2014 we want 40% of our senior leadership roles to be filled by women. We are focusing on our most senior 4000 roles - a large enough population to drive real, sustainable change.  Appointments will be merit based - this is an AND scenario - women promoted AND with merit.

At 30 September 2011, the proportion of women employed by Westpac Group was as follows:

  • Board of Directors: 30%
  • Leadership  roles: 37.5%
  • Total Westpac workforce: 61%

While there is much to be celebrated, we must continue to drive change. This is not about ideology, numbers or political correctness - this is a serious economic and business opportunity. And the Westpac Group continues to be at the forefront of the gender equality issue, both nationally, and internationally.